Top 15 Tips for Self-Defense Shooting

March 2, 2020 Self-defense shooting tips can make or break you as a self-defense shooter. The internet offers almost infinite knowledge about different tips, skills, and techniques that you can use....

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Hunting Gear That Comes in Handy All Year Round

February 25, 2020 Hunting is not as easy as it seems. In fact, this activity requires huge amounts of preparation, dedication, and research. Any serious hunter fully understands the fact that hunting gear is...

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Out With The Old: 5 Guns You Should Get Rid Of

January 24, 2020 Get to know some guns you can live without. RELATED: No Guns Allowed Signs | What A Responsible Gun Owner Can Do In this article: Some Guns Are Not Worth Keeping Why Those Guns Don’t...

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Gun Hand: Why Should You Keep It Empty?

August 19, 2019 How often do you keep your gun hand empty? If your answer is “never,” you better read this post and hopefully, you’ll not give me that response again! RELATED: How To...

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The Curious Case Of The Over-Penetrating Round

June 17, 2019 Read the dangers of an over-penetrating round and the steps you can take to minimize or prevent further damage. RELATED: Owning A Gun Safely At Home In this Article: Over Penetrate...

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5 Best Turkey Guns On The Market Right Now

May 14, 2019 Make turkey hunting worthwhile by investing in the best turkey guns available today. RELATED: Hunting Gear That Comes in Handy All Year Round In this article: Winchester SX3 Longbeard...

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11 Types Of Guns That Will Keep You Alive On Doomsday

May 9, 2019 When doomsday comes, lock and load these types of guns. RELATED: Top 5 Survival Guns In this article: When SHTF, Pick the Best Gun The Rifles for Perimeter and Versatile Protection The...

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Keanu Reeves Shoots A 3-Gun Course, And His Stance On Gun Control

May 3, 2019 Keanu Reeves has absolutely lit up the internet with his 3-gun shooting course video. Let’s find out his stance on gun control. RELATED: Alaska Hunting Laws And Regulations...

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How To Travel Interstate With Your Firearm

May 1, 2019 If you love a trip with your concealed weapon, then you need to know how to travel interstate with your firearm. RELATED: No Guns Allowed Signs | What A Responsible Gun Owner Can Do In this...

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The Best Revolver For Concealed Carry Handguns | 5 Top Handguns

April 4, 2019 Searching for the best revolver for concealed carry? These wheel guns are top rank in functionality and ease of use by expert choice. RELATED: Revolvers for Survival | The Best Guns That...

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