Where You Should Hide Your Guns Before They Take Them

March 5, 2020 Learning where to hide your guns in the right places is detailed in the latest Special Report from the team at SurvivalLife.com. The  information inside How to Hide Your Guns, an...

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7 Everyday Carry Items You Need To Own

March 3, 2020 Unpredictable circumstances can happen to the best of us, which makes everyday carry items useful in emergency situations. You might notice someone following on your way to your car or a...

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Gun Safety Tips: Ways To Avoid Danger When Handling A Gun

February 28, 2020 How well do people know about gun safety? Every gun owner pretty much knows how to handle their firearm in a safe manner, yet the potential for danger cannot be ignored. Gun Safety...

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9 Mistakes New Gun Owners Make And How To Avoid Them

February 21, 2020 More often than not, new gun owners can make mistakes if they have no idea how to use their weapon properly. So if you just recently bought a new piece, continue reading to find out the...

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Gun Training In The Elements

February 14, 2020 Bad Weather Shooting These days, I’m pretty much over the “If it ain’t rainin’, it ain’t trainin’” attitude and prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm and dry, but if...

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Bring These Camping Appliances With You Every Trip

February 12, 2020 Outdoor enthusiasts flock to camping stores to check what's new in outdoor gadgetry. It's a good thing to know what new things we can utilize outdoors, but there's the primary stuff you...

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How To Conceal A Gun At Home Or In A Vehicle

February 12, 2020 Learn how to conceal a gun at home or your vehicle, the right way, with this special report on How to Hide Your Guns! RELATED: 9 Unusual Hidden Gun Safes To Keep Your Firearms Secure In...

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A Hunter’s Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

February 7, 2020 In case the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse happens, do you have enough items for a zombie apocalypse survival kit? Check out these survival kit essentials to ensure your survival...

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The Top 5 Most Customizable Guns

January 31, 2020 The market produces so many customizable guns to give firearm enthusiasts more to think about. Some changes not only enhance a gun’s functionality but also gives it a badass look...

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5 Essential Supplies To Make A Paracord Survival Grenade

January 29, 2020 There are four basic tasks you should be able to do with your survival gear. Namely, these are shelter building, food gathering, starting a fire, and filtering water....

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