Great Action Movie Gun Quotes That Apply To EDC

September 26, 2023 Let's walk back in time and review some of the most iconic onscreen gun moments of all time! RELATED: 7 Gun Myths From Hollywood Movies Memorable Movie Gun Quotes You Can Relate To Terry...

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Why I Carry A Gun, And What I Carry: An LEO’s Perspective

September 27, 2019 I ask myself many times in the past “Why I carry a gun” and I'm glad to know that I'm capable of protecting myself and the people around me by exercising my right. RELATED:...

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Air Rifle Reviews: The Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22

August 29, 2018 If you're into waterfowl or even small game hunting, air rifles are the best weapon of choice. Not only is it silent, pellets coming out of the air rifle reach velocities of up to 400 feet...

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