The Importance of Vices and Entertainment | Tips for Survival Trade and Sanity Maintenance

May 8, 2017 Keeping vices and entertainment devices as a small part of your go-bag isn't the strangest idea in the world. It has been weeks – weeks since you saw another human being, weeks since...

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Sustainable Survival – Making ‘Off-The-Grid’ as Green as Possible

April 15, 2017 So, you want to live off of the grid. The smell of civilization is starting to spoil in your nostrils, the crowds of people constantly surrounding you have jangled your sanity – the...

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Survival Catapults | Applications and Designs Through The Ages

March 24, 2017 Sometimes you just need to hurl things. It’s a fact of life as old as the art of hunting and gathering. Hurling rocks, hurling spears, discus, logs, people, tables, boulders, seeds...

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The Moderation Key: How to Recognize When Prepping Has Gone Too Far

March 13, 2017 Now, I’m an advocate for preparation in almost every form for almost every situation. In nearly all cases I will urge you to err on the side of over-preparation as opposed to being...

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Going Nuts: A Rough and Dirty Field Guide To Foraging For Food

March 3, 2017 A fully stocked pantry is a modern convenience that may not always be at our disposal. It’s a sad thought, but someday if things really got bad, restaurants, kitchens, grocery stores...

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Wilderness Emergency Medicine | In-The-Field First Aid In A Pinch

February 25, 2017 Wilderness emergency medicine is a survival skill you definitely should learn. The importance of knowing first aid protocol can't be underscored enough. It’s like knowing how to run...

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Disease Outbreaks: History’s Lessons On Surviving Mass Infections

February 1, 2017 Danger on Earth is always present. It takes many forms, from the evil of other humans to poisonous spiders, hippopotamuses, rats… But mankind’s oldest foe has pushed our...

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Hydroelectric Survival – Harnessing Earth’s Most Powerful Fluid

January 19, 2017 Hydroelectric Survival: Electricity is the ultimate power of convenience. It had a massive effect on history, providing us with all the necessary power to build the luminous future world we...

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