5 Awesome Predator Hunting Lights In The Market

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October 2, 2019 / Comments Off on 5 Awesome Predator Hunting Lights In The Market

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Hunting at night is tough without illuminators, or what most people call flashlights. Good thing there are a number of hunting light manufacturers and one of my favorites is Predator Hunter Outdoors. Predator hunting lights have gone through extensive tests and research. Thus, Predator's hunting lights are state of the art gadgets that looks like it came out of a 007 movie.

5 Awesome Predator Hunting Lights In The Market 

Predator Hunter Outdoors Product Review

Among the numerous hunting light producers, we're here to feature Predator hunting lights that are currently available in the market. In addition, we've listed up the facts, features, and prices on these night hunting lights. Take a closer look at these Predator hunting lights that are currently available in the market!

NightSnipe Fixed Beam Gun Light – $139.00

To kick-start the list, we'll go right ahead to the NightSnipe Fixed Beam Gun Light. The deal starts at $139 but with options to get additional rifle mounts, extra LED's from Cree, and switches. With all the rifle mount choices, you can always attach the hunting light to any type of rifle from AR 15 to bolt-action, you name it!

NS550 Adjustable Beam Gun Light – $160.00

It just gets better with Predator's NS550 Adjustable Beam Gun Light that starts with basically the same deal as the fixed beam. However, the price increases $21 for the adjustable beam feature. The beam focus is perfect for scanning short, wide areas or narrowing the focus to reach farther distances. Furthermore, you can also get this in various kits for additional accessories.

Razorback Hunting Light – $140.00

While the NightSnipe provides illumination for the rifle hunter, bow hunters rejoice with the Razorback Hunting Light. The Razorback is made with high-grade aluminum, Cree LED, and it weighs just as much as most bow stabilizers in the market. In addition, an option to get either red, green, or white LED's or all three of them depending on the kit you purchase is available.

Predator NightSnipe Headlamp $109.00

Another sweet treat for bow hunters is the Predator NightSnipe Headlamp to light your way climbing up and down the tree stand. However, the NightSnipe Headlamp is suitable for any and all outdoor fields like fishing, trekking, and mountaineering.

NS-250 (43mm Objective) IR Illuminator – $769.00

Now if you're up for some serious night hunting, you could invest in the NS-250 Infrared Illuminator that starts at $769. This features an adjustable beam for a wide or narrow scope of view that's invisible to the game or even the human eye. Of course, this item comes with the Photon 6.5x50S Digital Night Vision Riflescope. Read more here.

If you want to see Predator Hunter Outdoors‘s video featuring most of the items here, click on the play button below!

With all these Predator hunting lights, you're sure to bag some predators hunting at night. Hogs, coyotes, and even wolves that try to hunt at night won't see what's coming with the green or red light that emits from your rifle. If you have opinions on what light color you use for night hunting, tell us through the comments!

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