Want to Survive the Apocalypse? Ditch These 10 Bad Habits NOW

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August 18, 2016 / Comments (4)

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An apocalyptic scenario can include many events: An economic collapse, a thermonuclear war even a foreign invasion, to name a few

If you’re not ready, any one of these events can dramatically change your life and threaten your survival.

We talk a lot about building good habits and skills to help you survive. But what's discussed less often is getting rid of your bad habits.

This is an overlooked component of survival that we really should be talking more about. After all, having bad habits that stand in your way could be just as detrimental to your survival as not arming yourself with the proper skills and equipment.

Here are 10 bad habits to kick in order to survive the apocalypse.

1. Smoking

A full pack of cigarettes with one partially pulled out.

Smoking is a bad habit that many of us are currently guilty of.  However, the amount of cigarettes smoked on a daily basis will dramatically change in an apocalyptic or collapse type situation.  Cigarettes will literally be worth your weight in gold, munitions, and even food.

Cigarettes are considered a luxury that first world countries have become used to. In order to ensure your survival, begin cutting back now.

Once this bad habit is kicked, any additional cigarettes you come across can be used to trade and barter for what you and your family truly need.

2. Drinking

A tumbler of whiskey on the rocks sitting on a bar.

Drinking on a daily basis in not only bad for your physical health, but is a habit that should be naturally kicked for the betterment of your future.

Drinking during special occasions or holidays is usually much more socially accepted. However, if an apocalyptic event were to occur you should have this habit already kicked. This will allow you to be able to use any additional booze, beer or spirits to trade for items that you will need such as ammunition and food.

If drinking is already not your forte, you should still learn how to make various wines, mead and even beer from scratch so that you will have an endless supply of items to trade when alcohol becomes scarce and worth a lot more.

3. Daily Consumption

Close-up of the four buttons on a black PlayStation remote.

As citizens of a first world country, many of us have developed a habit of daily consumption. Whether it be unhealthy snacks, entertainment or a substance of some sort, we have succumbed to daily consumption of extraneous goods. For most of us, we don’t think twice about it.

Stop this bad habit immediately. In order to survive any type of apocalyptic event, such as an economic collapse or thermonuclear war, daily consumption must not be a habit of yours.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur for individuals who have become so adjusted to their daily life that acceptance of anything else is literally impossible. So it's best to get used to living minimally now, instead of waiting until you have no choice.

4. Trash and Recycling

Close-up view of a composter full of leaves, soil, fruit and other mulch.

We all throw out and trash, and many of us recycle as well. Starting now, reconsider what is “trash” and what is recycle.

For example, many of us throw our table scraps into the trash; however, if you happen to garden or know someone that does, you can begin composting.


All of your food, including meats, compost at different rates, and with the right amount of buckets you can compost all of your food and ensure a luscious garden of your own. Consider what is recycling as well. Many cities take in one gallon milk containers as recycle, but if properly stored these containers can come in handy for when clean water needs to be stored or for bartering large amounts of juice if you have your own garden.

5. ldle Time

A man's hands typing on a laptop keyboard.

We all get bored and play video games, watch television, or just surf the web to pass the time. Kick this bad habit and get out and learn something. You can learn many things from the internet as well, but to avoid the bad habit of wasting your free time be sure to apply the knowledge you are constantly learning online. Whether it is DIY projects, recipes or survival tips, the point is to apply the knowledge.  Sharing what you've learned is also a great way to impress your friends and family and get them started on their own path to preparedness.



6. Depending on Grocery Stores

Stacks of fruits and vegetables in a grocery store produce section.

The average American family shops every three to five days at a major grocery store. Stop this bad habit.

Depending on grocery stores to have what you are looking for is a bad habit that can have drastic consequences if relied on too much.

Many families shop every few days in order to replace perishable foods such as dairy, fruits and vegetables. If you own a small yard or know someone that does, research what edible plants can be grown as well as what it takes to tend to livestock. Chickens, goats, and even rabbits can be taken care of in fairly small spaces.


7. Hiring the “Professionals”

Man's hands working under a car's hood.

When your pipes and faucets have problems, you call a plumber. When your electricity becomes faulty, you call an electrician. When your roof leaks, what do you do? We already know the answer. Stop the bad habit of spending money on someone else to fix your minor issues. It is understandable in dire circumstances when you need that professional; however, for the most part many of us can take care of our own issues. When it comes to your vehicle, mechanical issues can often be fixed and get you back on the road with just a little bit of research. Same goes with issues in your home. Becoming a Jack of all trades by learning to fix problems that arise yourself, you can save considerable amounts of money and retain valuable knowledge to help you survive an apocalypse.

8. Relying on Medical Aid

A stethoscope, clipboard, pen and iPad on an exam room table.

No one is telling you to not go to the emergency room in case of an emergency. Relying on medical aid is contacting your doctor or hospital for every ache, pain and sore. This should be avoided. Many of these aches and pains can be understood if we take the time to learn a bit more about our bodies. For example, many of us get prescribed various pain killers in order to dull pain. Learn where the pain is coming from and try using natural methods to correct it instead of relying on over-the-counter or prescription painkillers. Learn your body and you will learn to not rely so much on medical aid.



9. Relying on Technology for Information

A close-up of the Google Maps icon on an iPhone.

Even though we are constantly learning through the internet, it is considered a bad habit to have to depend on technology for information. This bad habit can be overcome by maintaining maps of your area as well as possessing many books on various survival tips.

A big bad habit that too many people have is relying too much on GPS for navigation. Relearning old-fashioned navigation skills could be a lifesaving survival skill.

Get out your compasses and learn the difference between magnetic north and true north as well as the inclination and declination of our north pole. Practice this by getting out in the woods or traveling through various unknown towns without GPS.

10. Trusting Too Many People

A White pawn on a chess board with the black chess pieces in the distance.

Trusting too many people will soon let you down. In an apocalyptic situation you cannot afford to do this.

The way society is now, we tend to lend and borrow money constantly, and many times it does not get paid back. This money is essence represents your survivability. It could be food, clothing or shelter that the money provides for.

When money and society is no more, you can no longer afford to lend food, clothing or shelter. But if you have survival skills, you will always have something to offer.

You must never trust too many people, however — especially in a survival situation. Choose carefully who you will help and who you will trust to help you.

Spread the 10 bad habits you need to kick to as many people as you can and be sure that you and your loved ones are prepared to survive an apocalyptic situation.

Want to Survive the Apocalypse Ditch These 10 Bad Habits NOW

Have you kicked a bad habit to increase your chances of survival? We want to hear about it! Share you experience in the comments below.

4 Responses to :
Want to Survive the Apocalypse? Ditch These 10 Bad Habits NOW

  1. Ginger says:

    One comment in one going on two days? It would seem that few are interested in getting rid of their bad habits. Is your audience head in the sand ostriches? My list of such individuals is longer than it should be.

    Your advice is good and should be taken seriously.

    1. Betty Brown says:

      I read the article and was not going to reply. Until I saw your statement. I did think of a few of these things already, and I do need to quit smoking anyway lol. I know those things will be worth gold, that and booze, which I quit 17 years ago, thank you God.

      1. Betty Brown says:

        I don’t even eat daily.

        1. Mike says:

          Betty, is that your choise?
          Or are you in a survival situation now?

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