Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation

Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation

There are beach animals you just have to stay away from for your own good. The ocean has all kinds of strange creatures and some of them can easily ruin your vacation if you’re not careful. It’s always a pleasant day chilling out on the sandy beaches while facing the vast horizon. The beach is easily a lot of people’s favorite place. It’s easy to love the feel of the sand and the sound of waves crashing. Though beautiful, this environment also hosts many animals you should stay away from for your own safety. Here are the sea creatures to watch out for in the ocean wildlife:

Beach Animals to be Wary of and Stay Away From

1. Jellyfish

Jelly Fish | Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation
A jellyfish may look soft and squishy, but don’t let this fool you. It’s made of 95% water and a gel-like substance. It appears harmless unlike other wild animals, but these sea creatures have a very painful sting. The tentacles of a jellyfish contain venom for protection and for capturing prey.

2. Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin | Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation
Sea urchins live in both deep and shallow water, so be careful not to step on one. The spines of these marine animals inject venom causing a painful burning sensation. These animals are nocturnal and hide in the crevices between rocks during the day.

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3. Catfish

Catfish | Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation
Catfish are vulnerable to predator attacks with their soft bodies. But when threatened, a catfish will extend its very sharp dorsal and pectoral fins to defend itself. A person stung by this animal will feel severe pain and may even experience respiratory and cardiac problems.

4. Lion Fish

Lion Fish | Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation
A lion fish can easily get anybody’s attention with its unique appearance, but it’s certainly not something you’d want to touch. It’s one of the ocean’s most poisonous creatures with neurotoxin-filled spines located on their fins. The venom of a lion fish can cause excruciating pain and even paralysis.

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5. Fire Corals

Fire Corals | Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation
The beauty of coral reefs is one of the main attractions of the seabed. They also signify the richness of marine life as a natural habitat for small fishes and other underwater animals. Some corals look exactly like ordinary corals but are actually related to anemones and jellyfish.
As for fire corals, they may look harmless, but they can inflict painful stings as a defense mechanism against anyone who comes near them. It is best to stay away from corals as much as possible, in case you are unable to distinguish the fire coral from other harmless corals.

6. Stingrays

Stingrays | Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation
Stingrays may look friendly, but these animals have a fearsome means of defense. The base of their whip-like tail has a venomous spine that inflicts serious pain on its victim. A stingray moves about the water like an angel, but it can be lethal when threatened.

7. Sharks

Shark | Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation
The shark is the most feared creature of the sea and needs no introduction. Though not all sharks are carnivores, their reputation for being aggressive flesh eaters has been generalized to all members of its species. It’s difficult to flee from a potential shark attack when you’re in the water, so research the history of shark attacks in an area before jumping in. If sharks prey on sea turtles with thick, hard shells, it’ll be easy for them to sink their teeth on other creatures.
Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation
Watch closely as a shark stalks behind a solitary surfer in this video from David G Woodward:

There’s a good reason why humans are equipped with the most sophisticated brain among all living things. We are one of the least agile species in the animal kingdom, yet we sit at the top of the food chain because of our incredible ability to outsmart the others. Nonetheless, the sea just isn’t our turf. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a blast when going to the beach. Just be cautious and alert so you can keep your distance from these dangerous beach animals lurking beneath the waves.
Do you have your own experience with any of these sea creatures? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!
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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.