10 Times Bear Grylls Proved He Was Awesome And Insane

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Survival Skills

Bear Grylls, over the span of his career, took the world by storm by surviving in any terrain imaginable. From high flying stunts to the most grotesque insect munching clips, Bear has proved himself to be one with the wild. Check out ten of Bear Grylls' top moments captured on Discovery Channel!

10 Times Bear Grylls Proved He Was Awesome And Insane

Bear Grylls' Outrageous Outdoor Adventures

When holding on to dear life in the middle of nowhere, you're forced to do things you never even thought of. Just goes to show you how much we're spoiled by modern necessities. If you think drinking your own piss is the worst thing you could do in a survival scenario, you're dead wrong! So, how far are you willing to go just to survive? Could you keep up with Bear Grylls and his insane tactics?

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Yak Eyeballs And Liver For Lunch

Raw eyeballs and liver aren't exactly what I'd prefer for lunch. But if you're in this situation, you have to suck it up because it can keep you alive for few more days!

Bare Naked Bear Grylls

Bear crosses the icy river without wearing anything. With the risk of hypothermia, Bear chooses to cross the river without anything on so that he can warm himself up with dry clothes right after. “If you black-out in the middle  of the river, you're dead,” he said.

Bear Grylls Catching The Train

Catching the train shouldn't be this life-threatening. Racing a speeding train inside a one-way tunnel before getting on is certainly mind blowing! Bear Grylls did just that, and he's what I'd like to call an “exact definition of an adrenaline junkie”.

Insect Patty

The patty's made up of locusts, worms, and beetles. Bear Grylls just doesn't mind what he eats, and he even tries to add some culinary twist at the end. For those who're curious or who're about to lose their lunch, the patty tastes like raw meat – filled with protein and water.

Bear Grylls Vs. Puff Adder

Puff adders are one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa. Bear doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about that. Bear proves that he'll be the predator rather than the prey. In this clip, he goes toe to toe with a puff adder, kills it, and eats it. How's that for DOMINANCE?

Bear Drinks Piss

The trademark that made Bear Grylls skyrocket to popularity – drinking his own piss. He's become so popular that he's had Internet memes left and right about it. But why? Potable water is one of the scarcest necessities, and Bear substitutes it with urine. Yes, you read it right. Urine!

Camel Energy Drink

When you're out in the desert, all you can see is just a vast spacious emptiness whichever direction you look. Grueling heat can cause dehydration. So if ever you find a fresh carcass of a camel, well you're in luck. It's full of liquids that you can drink to replenish your body fluids thus making you rehydrated once again. It suddenly raised a question in my curious mind. What does it taste like?

Enema On A Raft

Whoa! I think you're going for the wrong hole there, Bear! But seriously, an enema on a raft? I guess a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do especially in survival situations.

Camel House

Surprisingly, a dead animal's body serves as a shelter as well! In this episode of Man vs Wild, Bear literally got inside a camel for shelter during the cold desert nights.

Elephant Dung Juice

Number one on this list is Bear drinking juice from fresh elephant droppings. Apparently, it has enough liquids there to quench your thirst but I wouldn't really suggest doing this if you've got a weak stomach. The gag reflex may just cause you to throw up and risk dehydration instead. Sometimes to survive we have to result in extreme measures.


Catch Bear Grylls' best moments in this video by WatchMojo, click the play button below :

Bear Grylls has definitely proven himself the winner of Man vs Wild. Although these acts seemed to have come naturally to Bear, these are a bit extreme and could cost you your life. He is an expert at these things and he knows his body well enough to take on these challenges.

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