3 Benefits of Buying a Homestead

Benefits of Buying a Homestead

Buying a homestead although challenging, provides security for survival and an extra layer of preparedness.

A homestead is defined as a house and the surrounding land owned, often including a farmhouse.

You usually find self-sufficient homesteads in rural areas where crops, livestock and food sources supplemented through hunting are accessible. This land is often passed down generation after generation.

Homesteads typically have a way to supply their own eggs, meat, dairy products and grain right from their own land. Plus, they may supply their own electric and water.

3 Reasons to Buy a Homestead

1. Unlimited Resources

The food and dairy are fresh. The animals are raised properly. You are saving tons of money by having your own supermarket right in your own yard.

Speaking of eggs, a lot of people think chickens. However, you may want to consider raising quail. Quails are a great addition to your homestead because they offer meat and eggs.

If you do live in the city or have a smaller space, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own ‘homestead’. However, if you want to be “off the grid” and on your own, then having your own rural farmland is the way to go.

You want to look for a nice parcel of land away from civilization, but close enough to reach help in an emergency.

2. Financial Survival

Another benefit of having your own homestead is the financial perk-saving on taxes.

Plus, you can set up solar power and your own way of generating water to avoid paying the electric company and other utilities.

The first thing to look into before buying is if your state actually allows it. Some states actually prohibit homestead purchases because you are not using the state’s utilities or paying the typical taxes.

It’s good to start by checking state laws.

The other big benefit to buying a homestead is the low crime rate. Smaller population means less chance for crime. Plus, you can set up simple alarm systems to alert you to people approaching your homestead.

If you are considering this way of life, take some time to learn how to become self reliant to make the change less of a shock.

3. Peace and Privacy

Another great benefit is the peace you’ll find “off the grid.” How many times have we thought that it would be nice to get away or take a break from the rest of the world? Here’s your chance.

The greatest benefit is that you and your loved ones work together to sustain your family. This builds a stronger family unit, and the skills of true survival.

You gain an incredible sense of accomplishment and memories you will never forget as you spend time building your future survival base together.

Whether in a survival situation or a permanent situation, it seems that it is easy to find benefits to buying a homestead. What about you? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on buying a homestead. If you have a homestead, share your advantages…

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3 Benefits of Buying a Homestead

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