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The Beretta 690 Field III is a sleek and light classic field gun.  If you're a fan of the Beretta 692, then this is its competition and a game version of alloy steel Beretta shotguns you'll truly enjoy.

Beretta 690 Field III Over and Under Shotgun

 Shooters have to be on the lookout whenever Beretta introduces a new gun model. The Beretta 690 Field III features a traditional shotgun form made from cutting edge technology. We have to consider a lot of things before making a purchase, but it didn't take me too long to make a decision on this one. These over/under shotguns were crafted and perfected way before we were born, thus, we go out of our way as an avid sportsman to acquire such masterpiece. Beretta's mastery in the development of alloy steels made me a fan for a very long time now.


Gun Specs

Gun Specs | Beretta 690 Field III | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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I have a 28-inch barrel of the 690 Field III though this model also comes in barrel lengths of 26 inches. It's a 2-shot capacity over/under shotgun with a 3-inch chamber that shoots 12-gauge ammunition. The chokes feature 5 Optima hand-detachable, front bead sights, and semi-pistol grip. This gun has quality stocks made from enhanced water-resistant material, making up the guns overall weight of 7.4 lbs.

Ease of Use and Performance

Ease of Use and Performance | Beretta 690 Field III | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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Like all Beretta shotguns, the 690 Field III model retained its reputable strength. The handling and balance are both excellent, and the recoil is decreased due to the bottom barrel's axis position in relation to the shooter's shoulder. And the accuracy, oh well, I want to say it's love at first shoot.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons | Beretta 690 Field III | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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This shotgun has the perfect platform for a game gun, excellent trigger pull, and easy to carry at 7 lbs with no unnecessary weight. The barrel is made of “Stelium” which is a very durable steel developed by Beretta industries. As mentioned earlier, this Beretta shotgun is extremely well-balanced–engineered to make it unrivaled in this aspect. Although I'm not really into the aesthetic side of a firearm, and I don't fancy it's too attractive with the engravings and all that. It's just a minor thing and all else matters most.

Overall Verdict and Price

Overall Verdict and Price | Beretta 690 Field III | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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The overall quality of the Beretta 690 Field III makes it all worth the buy at around $2700. This gun is well set in the market at this dollar value as gun fans very well know every bit and piece of this shotgun is top notch. It's a firearm I would buy even if the price tag is slightly raised.


Watch this video of the Beretta 690 Field III in hi-tech manufacturing:

This firearm is highly-rated in numerous shotgun forums including my own circle. It's a rare thing to see a busted Beretta which is one of the reasons why gun aficionados rave about it. These shotguns are always known for being tough and durable as well as having a class of its own in the world of guns.

What can you say about the Beretta 690 Field III? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in August 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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