New Beretta APX A1 Carry Gun Review

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Despite being the oldest family-owned firearms business in the entire world, Beretta continues to innovate with every release of their products. The latest addition to its lineup: the new Beretta APX A1 Carry, an update to its famed APX Carry platform.

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Beretta APX A1 Carry | All That You Need to Know About This Hot, New Gun

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Beretta APX A1 Carry Specs

  • Action: Striker-fired
  • Barrel length (mm): 78
  • Barrel length (in): 3
  • Caliber: 9×19 (PARA)
  • Historical: N
  • Magazine: 6/8
  • Overall height (mm): 106
  • Overall height (in): 4.17
  • Overall length (mm): 143
  • Overall length (in): 5.63
  • Overall width (mm): 23
  • Overall width (in): 0.9
  • Weight unloaded (g): 562
  • Weight unloaded (OZ): 19.8


The APX Carry lineup started as a series of semi-automatics that are optimized specifically for concealed use. The company famously claims to have fired about a million rounds during their extensive field and laboratory testing of the entire APX series.

This was to ensure that the guns they produce were all of the highest degrees of durability and reliability. In 2017, the first duty-sized gun of the company was introduced. Since then, the series has grown to include both sub-compact and compact models and has even won some big international military and police contracts.

Its new iteration announced during the 2021 USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Expo held in Fort Worth, Texas, is all about “being your own defense,” as the company puts it.

This new carry gun is perfect for those who are new to the world of firearms. The latest evolution of the APX Carry lineup was designed specifically for anyone who has personal defense and everyday carry in mind.

Overall, the new Beretta APX A1 Carry has a ton of new features that makes both training and use in high-stress situations for self-defense a lot easier and more convenient even for new users.

Size and Capacity

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In many aspects, the Beretta APX A1 Carry is a lot similar to the Glock 43. Like its cousin, this is a single-stack, polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm.

The two guns use the same action, have similar dimensions, and, when the Beretta is fitted with a flush-fitting magazine, even holds a similar 6-round capacity.

However, unlike the Glock, the Beretta APX A1 Carry also has an 8-round magazine in the box that increases its capacity and gives it a much better grip. It does, however, lose in capacity against the new breed of so-called “micro 9s” like the Springfield Armory Hellcat and the Sig Sauer P365

In terms of its design philosophy, on the other hand, the company achieves what it came out to achieve. Its sub-compact and thin-grip design allow the firearm to essentially become invisible regardless of what clothes you are wearing.

Depending on your preference, you can switch between the 8-round extended magazine, the 6-round magazine equipped with a pinky extension, or the 6-round magazine with a flush baseplate that is included in the box.

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“We are embracing the red dot optic revolution and are excited to be bringing an exciting and innovative offering to the concealed carry market,” Beretta USA's VP of Marketing and Sales said to the crowd at the Texas Expo.

True to their promise, Beretta USA has made sure that the newest addition to their APX Carry lineup delivers. Following the release of the 92X RDO and the M9A4, the new Beretta APX A1 Carry comes with an optics-ready slide.

The so-called red dot optic revolution has become popular in recent years not just for new shooters, but even the more experienced ones. They benefit greatly from the added intuitive aiming feature of the new attachment.

This new feature is capable of mounting a wide variety of pistol red dots. This includes the popular Shield RMS-C, Burris, C-more, as well as the Holosun K Series.

Users can purchase the mounting plates separately from Beretta. Owners of the new release, however, may receive a free mounting plate as soon as they complete the online warranty registration of the dealership.


On top of the additions listed above, the Beretta APX A1 Carry also has an improved trigger. It was designed to be both shorter and lighter compared to its predecessors.

According to the company, this upgrade brings with it an “enhanced ergonomic and sensory experience that consists of a clean break with quick reset, aiding with consistent shot placement and ease of use.”

Additionally, the frame has been redesigned to have a more aggressive texturing. This ensures users of having a better grip on the firearm while firing regardless of the lighting or weather conditions you may be in.

Furthermore, the new Beretta APX A1 Carry still sports the low bore axis of its predecessors. This gives it reduced recoil as well as a natural point of aim, which improves follow-up shot acquisition.

Plus, the front and back sides of the gun are also said to be more aesthetically pleasing when compared with the original model.

Other Upgrades

The company is also serializing the internal chassis of the gun in place of the more traditional polymer frame. This means that the user can use the same gun with any of the available frame colors without having to buy an entirely new one.

Grip frame colors include Standard Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), OD Green, and Wolf Grey. The new “Baby Beretta” comes at an MSRP of only $499, which truly gives you a lot of value for your money especially when compared to other guns of similar specs.

Now that you know all about the new Beretta APX A1 Carry, learn how to choose the best carry gun for your protection needs with this video courtesy of Honest Outlaw:

If you are looking for a red-dot optic equipped, compact, carry gun, then the Beretta APX A1 Carry is the perfect firearm for you. Understanding the features it has to offer should allow you to make an informed choice before you purchase your next firearm.

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