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The Beretta Competition is a gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun designed for competition use. It's ready and game out of the box for a 3-Gun contest.

Beretta Competition: 3-Gun Ready Shotgun

The Beretta Competition is a very viable option for 3-gunners out there. I didn't acquire my own for this purpose but this is one semi-automatic shotgun I couldn't miss. This baby is gas-0perated and it's so fast you can fire four shots in a second if you have the skill to do so. Since this shotgun is designed for a 3-gun competition, both the loading and ejection system are also made for fast loading and unloading of shells. You can't really have optimal use of this gun in the hunting grounds due to its oversized controls, but your time in the range will be much different and you'll discover why it's competition-ready.


Gun Specs

Gun Specs | Beretta Competition | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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This 5-shot semi-automatic shotgun is available in barrel lengths of 21 and 24 inches. It shoots 12-gauge ammo in 2-3/4″ & 3″ chambers and features mid-bead and fiber optic sights. Beretta developed their own steel blend used to make the barrels called “Steelium”, bringing the same performance even after thousands of rounds. The short stock of this shotgun features non-slip checkering. All these at an overall weight of 6.7 pounds.

Ease of Use and Performance

Ease of Use and Performance | Beretta Competition | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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The Beretta Competition is a lot faster than any other brands, being able to shoot 4 rounds in a second. The light and short trigger pull allow you to maximize the semi-automatic feature for a lightning fast follow up shot. This shotgun is so light you could feel a little bit more recoil, though it shoots slugs very accurately.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons | Beretta Competition | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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This Beretta shotgun has an oversized bolt handle/release and a cross bolt safety button optimal for competition purposes. These features have its disadvantages though especially during hunting as it limits your movement. 3-gun competitions require the shooter to be quick in loading and ejection. It has an Optima HP interchangeable choke system and Blink Gas operating system for the fastest follow-up shots a shotgun could have.

Overall Verdict and Price

Overall Verdict and Price | Beretta Competition | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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If the Beretta competition is great for 3-gun competitions, I think it's good for skeet shooting too. It may be a bit expensive at around $2400, but if you purchase a cheaper shotgun and plan to modify it for 3-gun use, you'd be spending a few hundred more dollars than simply purchasing a brand new Beretta competition.


Watch this short video of the Beretta 1301 Competition for 3-gunners: 

This gun's accuracy is very impressive it shoots where I point it and I could almost hit every target within range. In the competition-ready circle of semi-automatic shotguns, the Beretta competition is in the same group with some of the most viable 3-gun ready firearms in the business. I wouldn't really recommend it for the hunting grounds as there are specific modifications required for that purpose. But in the conversation of home defense shotguns, I think hearing 5 consecutive lightning quick powerful shots would be enough to scare the crooks away!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in September, 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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