Go Digital! Outdoor Warrior’s Guide To The Best Apps For Hiking

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December 27, 2016 / Comments Off on Go Digital! Outdoor Warrior’s Guide To The Best Apps For Hiking

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There's no denying that the internet age is taking over and technology is making things easier for almost every aspect of our lives. Backpacking a few decades ago is supposed to be pure adventure that requires you to have a real set of skills to survive in the wild. Nowadays, modern devices have somewhat merged with conventional outdoor equipment to make it more convenient for hikers. The best apps for hiking are installed in smartphones to help with navigation and other outdoor related needs. Whether you wanna take advantage of technology, or opt for the old school hiking ways, that's up to you.

The World of Outdoor's Best Apps For Hiking

As children of the modern world, I think we have to take advantage of the gift of technology.  Gone are the days when James Bond was the only person using a cellphone.  Now everyone can use their phones almost anywhere in the world in every aspect of their day to day activities. Phone applications are flooding the internet from music, games, cooking, dating, I couldn't possibly name them all.  Outdoor apps can never be left out with millions of hiking enthusiasts around the world.  So here's a list of the best apps for hiking used by hikers and backpackers.


1. MotionX-GPS

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This app is a GPS tracker on your phone that allows you to download maps of the area that you're going to.  If you're heading to a place where there's no cellphone coverage, you need to download the map first before going.  This way you'll have a map of the area as a guide even without signal on your phone.


2. Topo Maps+

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Topo Maps will allow you to download sections of a map in your cell phone that are actual USGS topographical maps.  It basically has a similar function with the MotionX-GPS aside from their individual features.


3. FREE Flashlight App

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This is a very useful app for your camping trip. As soon as the darkness settles you'll mostly need a flashlight to light your path. This app has a big on/off button at the center to make it easy to tap. Strobe feature is available but you probably want to save cell phone battery and not use it unless your flashlight is out.


4. Bla Bla Car

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If you're low on funds and you really need to travel, this app can help your city to city journey with other people.  All you need to do is enter the details of your trip in  Bla Bla Car.  The app allows you to search for other registered users who have the same travel route that you have.  You can request for a ride and wait for the car owner's confirmation.


5. Clean Master

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This app will help speed up your Android phone for better performance.  Clean Master effectively cleans your RAM to speed up your phone.  It's also very easy to use with a simple and straightforward user interface. In the outdoors, you definitely want your phone to be in optimal condition.


6. Google Translate

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Get this app ready for cross country hikes.  Google Translate will help you read signage in different languages, or when you're in a place where nobody speaks English. Google really lived up to its name in this great phone app.


7. TravelSafe Pro

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This is very basic stuff yet should not be ignored.  This app has all the emergency contact numbers in the world.  The farther you are from home, the more susceptible you are to danger so it's always a good idea for you to have a number to call.


8. Leafsnap

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Leafsnap is one of the coolest phone apps for nature lovers.  If you wanna have more fun in the hike, take a photo of a leaf and Leafsnap will help you identify the kind of tree the leaf belongs.  I bet you will like this app even if you're not really into plants.


9. AllTrails

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AllTrails is designed to make it simple for people to find outdoor activities near them.  The app covers 45,000 different trails in a database of trail information available online.  The app is not only limited to hiking but includes other outdoor stuff such as fishing and biking.  You can even make your own trail and take pictures for you to share with others.


10. MapMyHike GPS Hiking

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MapMyHike GPS Hiking is one of my favorites among the many outdoor phone apps.  This very cool app allows you to track your entire hike and give recorded details of your mileage, pace, your route, burned calories, and your heart rate analysis.


Watch this video of the Motion X map download.

How do you find the list?  I have to say no matter how much of an old school hiker you might be, these cool apps are just too fun to ignore.  Not to mention the functionality and usefulness it brings to your outdoor needs, you can't be left behind not taking advantage of the wonders of technology.


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