10 Best Canned Foods for Survival

Top Canned Foods for Survival

Being ready for disaster means that your stockpiles are filled with canned foods that are easily accessible and edible in crisis situations. When natural disasters, power outages or even the apocalypse make way, you’ll be glad that you grabbed an extra can or two of food during each trip to the grocery store to stock away for later.

Canned foods can be nutrient rich, stable and easy to store, inexpensive and versatile. When resources are at risk to be scarce, it’s important to consider foods that are high in nutrients and protein to give your body what it needs to survive during stressful times.

We suggest that you store enough for 1-2 weeks in case of a major crisis. That can certainly seem like a lot of food to store away but cans can make that much more attainable. Grab a few items each time you shop and be sure to rotate food out based on expiration dates. The last thing you want is to be eating bad food during an emergency where you have no access to medical attention. We have gathered up some of our top canned items to have on hand.

10 Best Canned Foods for Survival

1. Spam

We know, the old spam jokes. But it’s true. Spam is an affordable and decent quality canned meat. It is very nutritious and packed with fat, sodium and protein. This can be very helpful for keeping the body running well in an emergency. It can be eaten as is, right from the can or cooked up over a fire.

2. Canned Stews

These are fully cooked and prepared with ingredients that will leave you feeling satisfied fairly easily. They can also be eaten cold but when warmed up can feel like a nice meal in crisis.

3. Canned Tuna

Tuna is packed with protein and essential fatty acids, making it a great survival food choice. It can be eaten right from the can or added to anything. We recommend getting the tuna in oil vs water because it keeps the nutrients longer.

4. Canned Chicken Breast Chunks

Just like tuna, this a great way to get protein. Eat it alone or mix it up to make the flavor a little more enticing.

5. Broths

A good vegetable stock or beef broth are great for providing the body with light weight nutrients while helping to keep you hydrated. You can easily mix some canned vegetables and meat to create a hearty soup as well.

6. Vegetables

Some popular canned vegetables then can be mixed with just about anything are corn, green beans and diced tomatoes. Toss them together or with any other canned items on this list to create a more nutrient dense and filling meal.

7. Beans

Different beans will be easier to tolerate cold than others but are another great source of protein and fiber. Kidney beans, chili beans, and black beans are great add-ons to any soup or broth.

8. Fruits

Some canned fruits such as mandarins and peaches are a great addition to your stockpile. They will give you nutrients and taste great when you’re craving something sweet. The juice left from the can can be mixed with water to create a thinner drinking juice.

9. Soups

There are many options for nutrient packed soups that are very affordable. Because they are pre-cooked, they can be eaten cold or warmed if possible.

10. Rice

You can find rice in pre-packed pouches- flavored, cooked and ready to eat. Add to anything in this list and you have yourself a heartier meal.

Other tips

When purchasing your cans be sure they are damage free, have a far out expiration date and are not stored in extreme heat which can cause the food to go bad.

When eating for survival, nutrient dense is important but enjoyable matters also. You don’t want to avoid eating or have your children avoid eating just because something seems too undesirable. Try to stock up on the items that sound good to you and your family, and also contain a variety of nutrition. Are you stocked up and ready for crisis?

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10 Best Canned Foods for Survival

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