The Best Free Smartphone Apps For Your Firearms

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September 4, 2019 / Comments (5)

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Believe it or not, there are free smartphone apps for firearms you can easily download. So before you hastily purchase ammo or sell your firearms, you better check these apps first!

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Free Smartphone Apps for All Gun Fanatics

Gun Apps for Free

If you've got a smartphone and a love for all things that go BANG, there are some free smartphone apps for firearms you shouldn't live without. These apps can give you details about the price of a particular gun or ammo.

Also, it can give you options where you can purchase it at a price that will fit your budget. Below are three free phone apps for your firearms you can download:

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firearms smartphone apps | The Best Free Smartphone Apps For Your Firearms | free smartphone apps | smartphone apps

1. AmmoSeek


If you've ever visited your local gun shop or big-box retailer looking for that special ammo, or just a good price for your EDC ammo, but could never find it — this app could really help you out.

Simply open up the app then input the type of ammo you're looking for. It shows you all the websites where you can purchase it in ascending price order (lowest price first).

When you click on a listing, you leave the app and go to the website where you can buy the ammo for that price.

Obviously, steel-cased ammo will almost always be cheapest, but that's not always true. The app makes it easy because each listing actually shows you what the casing is made up of.

It gives you an estimate of shipping cost and the minimum amount of rounds for you to get the lowest price. Also, it provides the price per round, the brand of ammo, and the website where you can make the purchase.

As a bonus, they also have an accessory page and a gun page if you're looking for any of that stuff. Here's a link to the AmmoSeek website.

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2. Gun Broker

person checking the app on smartphone | The Best Free Smartphone Apps For Your Firearms | free smartphone apps | phone app
If you want to know how much a specific gun costs or what's a good price for that gun model, the Gun Broker app can provide you the information. The Gun Broker app is super easy to use, all you need to do is type what you're looking for in the search bar and the results will pop up.

Another good thing about this app is it can give you a leg to stand on if you need to haggle over the price when you're window shopping. You can respectfully tell the guy behind the counter that you can get it cheaper elsewhere, and ask if he's willing to price match.

3. Ammo Reload Cost Calc


Planning to reload? This little phone app can help you understand just how much you can save in the long run.

The app does exactly what it says, it calculates how much it costs to reload ammo. Well, there is nothing fancy about it.

And really, that's all it does. But it is helpful to figure out your cost per round, and if it is actually worth it to get started in reloading.

Looking for more smartphone apps for firearms? Watch this video from Rated Red and check out these apps for gun enthusiasts:

In this modern age of technology, there are smartphone applications that can help a true gun enthusiast. These apps can make things a lot easier for you.

Whether you simply want information about guns or ammo or if you want to improve your shooting skills, it can provide you the things you are looking for at a click of a button. All you have to do is get your phone and start searching!

Which free smartphone apps for firearms can't you live without? Feel free to share with us other apps you've tried and can recommend in the comments below!


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