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January 30, 2019 / Comments (20)

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Women must have something to defend themselves with, especially if they're living alone. Since threats are always lurking around the corner, there are instances when a stun gun or an airsoft gun may not be enough.

It's good to know there are firearms that women can easily work with. Check out the best female gun reviews below and decide what's best for your lady shooter.

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Best Guns for Women | What Are Your Options?

1. Springfield Armory 1911

If you are looking for a gun for home defense purposes, the Springfield Armory 1911 can be one of your best picks. Power, accuracy, and convenience—this weapon has it all.

Plus, the weight is manageable, making it easier for women to shoot with precision.

2. Nighthawk Lady Hawk

9 mm caliber, reduced overall frame circumference, well-contoured magazine—these are only some of the features that make Nighthawk Lady Hawk the best gun for women. In fact, it was designed with great consideration for what women want and need.

So if you are creating a wish list, you may want to include this.

3. Kel-Tec P3AT

This semi-automatic, lock-bridged pistol is so easy to carry around, you won’t have problems trying to hide it under your clothes. While it may be small at first glance, you will definitely find it easy to manipulate, especially with its laser feature.

The Kel-Tec P3AT is definitely one of the best small handguns for women to conceal.

4. Ruger SR9c

One of the main reasons why this is a top pick for women is its weight of just around 24 ounces. Likewise, the grip is really slim, making it convenient for any woman to use.

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5. Ruger LCP

If you want to start with the basics, you can buy a Ruger LCP, which is commonly known as a small pistol. While a lot of people consider this gun ideal for self-defense because of its .380 ammunition, you can increase its stopping power by buying special self-defense rounds.

6. Kel-Tec PMR-30

If you are looking for a gun that is both accurate and lightweight, the Kel-Tec PMR-30 won’t let you down. While it may be difficult for some women to pull a trigger, this gun can absolutely help you shoot accurately even if you are a newbie.

7. Charter Arms Pink Lady Undercover Lite

It may look like a bad product and a cliché to find a pink gun on the list of the best weapons for women, but if you want to maintain that femininity while making sure you are protected, this gun is perfect. This .38 special only weighs 12 ounces, and you will definitely fall in love with its precision.

8. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

If for you, a strong stopping power combined with a manageable recoil are the components of a perfect lady gun, you’ll surely love the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. This Smith and Wesson women's gun is only 6 inches and about 19 ounces in weight.


Would you like to see more of the best guns for females? Check out this video about the best concealed carry guns for women courtesy of Green Light Shooting:

When it comes to choosing the best gun, it all depends on how comfortable you are with the weapon. The weight and the fit of the gun are all distinguishing factors that can help you decide whether or not that particular gun is perfect for you.

Buying a gun is like buying a piece of clothing—you only buy what best fits you in the most comfortable way. Regardless of gender, choosing the perfect gun for you would be a no-brainer if you already know what you are looking for.

Which from the list fits you best?

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Which gun do you think will be suitable for your lady friend? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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20 Responses to :
8 Best Guns For Women Living Alone

  1. carpkiller says:

    If a woman did not write this also than it can not be all true.

  2. Barantos of ReCon says:

    Not a single glock on here or XD. I have my doubts on the selection process of these.

  3. garyjeffbiker says:

    SCREW the GLOCK…. There are so many Good, if not Better, than an Unsafe Glock, in a Beginners life. Too much advertisement. I’ll take my Beretta, or, even my Ruger, Over it.

  4. garyjeffbiker says:

    LC9, with a “Crimson Trace”, IS, the way to go.!

  5. Jim says:

    Sorry but I cannot recommend these firearms with the exception of the revolver and I believe that there are much better choices for that than a Charter Arms!
    Unless the lady practices often than I cannot recommend a Semi-auto. If she does and is or becomes a dedicated shooter then the M&P is a good choice as is the XDs both in 9mm. Otherwise I am a huge fan of a lady using a revolver such as a S&W in 357 cal. and also she can use .38 Spl. for practice. A Taurus Judge loaded with 410ga is also a hard hitting firearm. I would also highly recommend that her firearm have a laser installed. Not only does it help her aim, but also it is a hell of an intimidation factor against the bad guy.

  6. Elizabeth Mcpherson says:

    I am a small woman w/ small hands ….I absolutely love my Walther PK380…with hollow points, of course….check it out, Ladies…feels great…not too heavy …just right. I for one do not like lasers, they scream “here I am”!

  7. Bevin Chu says:

    Pretty good recommendations.
    I would add the Glock 43, an excellent subcompact 9mm pistol.

  8. yokosuka finegold says:

    never buy a keltek or ruger lcp
    take somthing good like glock 43 or beretta m9a3 or some sig
    you dont want to stand against a terorist or criminal with a broken gun

    1. Leslie says:

      I have two glocks – one a glock 22 and one glock 17 and both are great guns but I also own a keltec 3AT and a Ruger LCP and both of them are great as well. I carry my LCP daily and my 3AT on occasion. I have put several boxes of ammo thru these two and have never had a problem. Just because a firearm is inexpensive does not mean it is cheap.

      1. Lisa Tanner says:

        My husband has a S&W 9 Shield n its smaller than my Taurus G2c 9mm it fits my hands really good I’m 5’2″ but I like the grip of my Taurus better n it’s more slender too I love both of those guns

  9. JE Jeffries says:

    I think that these compact handguns for “women” are totally inappropriate for most. Yes, they are easy to carry. Yes they are horrible for recoil or control with any decently powerful round. If they are uncomfortable to shoot, most women will never put in the time with these guns to become proficient.

    The thing is, most women don’t need a compact gun to conceal – that is more of a man problem. You can almost hide a shotgun in some women’s purses. I’ve carried a model 686 and a full sized 10mm with no problems concealing. Both of these are normally considered cannons, but neither recoil near as badly as a compact 9mm+.

    1. David T. says:

      If a person (male or female) doesn’t want to deal with the hassles of taking apart a semi auto gun to clean, they can always get a snub nose .38 or .32. It will still do the trick and not be overpowering when in use. Easy to clean. No real recoil to worry about, either.

  10. Vilkus says:

    I am a fan of the Sig SP2022 in 9mm.
    Also I would think a basic carbine like a Hi-Point 995TS would be a good choice and easy to use.

  11. OldProfessor says:

    I don’t know many older women that can handle a 45 or 10mm gun. The only choice for me ( a 91 year old man) is the Kimber Micro Carry 380, with self defense ammo. I used to shoot a lot but my wrists are weaker now

  12. Safety First says:

    Regarding the picture of the lady holding a gun at the top of the page: for Pete’s sake ma’am, please keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Thank you.

  13. Cheryal Hutson says:

    Glock 30

  14. Cheryl Murtha says:

    Which is the best with the least recoil?

  15. Charles says:

    put me on your list

  16. Lisa Tanner says:

    My husband has a S&W 9 Shield n its smaller than my Taurus G2c 9mm it fits my hands really good I’m 5’2″ but I like the grip of my Taurus better n it’s more slender too I love both of those guns

  17. Erin Jeter says:

    I’m sorry, but can I just say the picture y’all chose to use as the main picture should not have been used! Trigger discipline should ALWAYS be shown in marketing images.

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