Exploring The Best Hikes In Washington: The High Rock Lookout

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October 28, 2019 / Comments Off on Exploring The Best Hikes In Washington: The High Rock Lookout

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Explore one of the best hikes in Washington by adding the High Rock Lookout to your bucket list. I have stood and gazed at a number of great views on the mountain top, and I couldn't quite compare its magnificent scenery to anything else.  High Rock Lookout trail is a favorite among locals in the area.  The 1.6-mile hike to the top can be backbreaking, but the landscape will compensate for the difficult climb once you reach the summit.

Exploring The Best Hikes In Washington: The High Rock Lookout

High Rock Lookout is an average hike for all ages.  At the top, it shows Mount Adams and Mount Hood to the south, and the Cascade mountains to the east. Fear of heights may cause you to get dizzy looking at the 600-foot vertical drop below. It may be a bit scary for those who have issues with heights, but you can't help being amazed by the incredible sight right in front of you. Taking a selfie at the right spot gives you Mount Rainier, the Nisqually River, Cora Lake, and yourself in one picture  – just be sure you don't stand too close to the edge.  High Rock Lookout is certainly one of the best hiking trails in Washington State, though you need to exercise extreme caution as there are no rails or anything to stop you while on the verge of the cliff.

Watch this short video from THE MOTO ROAD of what to expect in the hike.

Here are some of the great views you will find on your way to High Rock Lookout and while at the top :

Mt Rainier View

A spectacular view of Mt Rainier on the High Rock Lookout trail before reaching the summit.  Hikers enjoy the scenery even before completing the hike to the peak.

View of the Lookout from the trailhead

Hikers can have a view of the summit from the trail hike before starting the climb.  This picture shows the lookout appearing as small as a dot from this distance.

Stunning view from the top

This view from the peak gives you Mount Rainier, The Nisqually River, and Cora Lake.  It certainly is a hiker's reward for the climb looking at this stunning picture.

The short and steep climb to High Rock Lookout offers you these breathtaking scenery from the top.  I can imagine average hikers trying to catch their breath and too eager to reach the peak.  And as soon as the climb is over, soak in the views like when God first created the earth.

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