Outdoor Warrior’s Wishlist for the Best Hiking Gear For Black Friday

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November 6, 2019 / Comments Off on Outdoor Warrior’s Wishlist for the Best Hiking Gear For Black Friday

Hiking Gear

For some reason, Black Friday has been known to be a big shopping day all over the country. Fresh from bulking up in Thanksgiving, Americans take their time shopping in stores hoping to prepare for the Christmas season in advance.

But like my dad used to say, “I hate the long lines in stores. Let's go hiking, lads,” so Friday after Thanksgiving has always been family hiking day ever since.  But like our family, exploring the outdoors has become popular for most hiking enthusiasts and I've always prepared my best hiking gear for that impending Black Friday hike.

Prepare Your Shopping List For The Best Hiking Gear

Shopping hasn't really been my thing, so I'd rather have my “me time” with nature than hang out at the mall.  The truth is, I tend to get kind of worried about gaining so much weight after Thanksgiving that I make sure my hiking gear is ready for the next day. It's all about fitness, cardio, and getting rid of the negative energy for me on Black Friday.  Surprisingly, though, I have gathered a few buddies who have been consistently doing this for years.  They think it's a brilliant idea so we get to talk about what's new for the great outdoors and the best hiking gear for next year's great adventures.

1. Black Diamond Octane Backpack


The Black Diamond Octane is a very sleek and stylish backpack.  It has one of the best suspension systems for movement in a backpack.  A very comfortable fit that has enough room for the rest of your gear in a day's hike. Get this incredible backpack right HERE!

2. Kuhl Liberator Hiking Pants


These synthetic travel pants are extremely comfortable and quite a bit fashionable for your average hiking pants.  It's okay to wear hiking shorts but these pants are more suitable for the cold weather especially if you're planning to stay overnight.

3. Nalgene Water Bottle

This is arguably the world's best water bottle.  The 32 ounce wide mouth version is very popular for outdoor use.  It's impact resistant unlike any other water bottle with the same claim. Don't forget to pack your filters too! Get these INCREDIBLE FILTERS right!

4. Steripen Ultra Water Purifier

This awesome device can treat 50 liters of water when fully charged.  Steripen uses ultraviolet light to purify the water changing the DNA of microorganisms stopping their reproduction.  How cool is that?

5. Buck 112 Knife

The Buck 112 is one of the best everyday carry knife as well as an outdoor knife for hiking and backpacking.  It's manufactured in the United States and utilizes the best materials for a very durable and reliable knife.

6. Optimus Nova Stove

The Optimus Stove comes in a very compact pouch.  The pump comes in an all-aluminum construction unlike a lot of portable outdoor stoves that has plastic components.  It's very easy to use, small and lightweight with enough space in your backpack to put it in. Start cooking with the Optimus Nova and get yours HERE!

7. Salomon Speed Cross 3

The Salomon Speed Cross provides a good amount of cushioning and plenty of traction on gnarly terrain.  This shoe will give you the confidence while walking on really wet and rocky trails.  Overall, this footwear helps keep your feet well-protected. You can also check out our favorite pair of boots right HERE!

8. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

This is a high-powered go to light for hiking, climbing, and mountain travel.  200 lumens in a max setting is very bright for a multi-use lamp.  It also has the technology of simply tapping your finger on it to adjust the brightness of the light.

9. REI Igneo Sleeping Bag

The REI Igneo is a lightweight and compressible sleeping bag.  This sleeping bag has great waterproof features and breathable materials to keep you warm and well-rested all night.

10. Thermarest Prolite Plus Sleeping Pad

A sleeping bag may not be enough to aid your back from the cold.  The Thermarest sleeping pad is inflatable and gives you enough room to get off the cold ground for a more comfortable sleep outdoors. You can purchase this product RIGHT HERE! 

11. Garmin Fenix 3 Hiking GPS

This is a sport watch, outdoor man's watch, triathlon watch, and activity tracker all in one.  The Garmin Fenix can go 16 hours in GPS mode and will suit your active lifestyle. Get yours NOW! 

12. Midland Consumer Radio

This weather radio is a piece of equipment that is designed to wake you up.  It's a solar-powered emergency radio with a paracord bracelet and built-in multi-band emergency radio that provide weather updates in your area. Purchase this amazing product by clicking on this link HERE!

13. Geigerrig Water Bladder

The Geigerrig hydration engine is the only bladder that has a pressurized system that makes it easy to drink.  It is one of the very little hydration reservoir that has a very effective cleaning system. Get yours by clicking on this LINK!

14. REI Backpacker First Aid Kit

This emergency kit has a nice trifold design and everything's laid out nicely once it's opened.  Inside you have various band aids, 2 x 2 gauze bands, 3 x 3 medical tape, butterfly closure, splinter out, and more of the basic first aid items. Stay safe and get your kit before camping. Buy it RIGHT HERE! 

15. SealSkinz Waterproof Gloves

The SealSkinz gloves has serious waterproofing capability.  It's got really nice thermal rating that keeps your hands nice and warm during the winter time.  A fantastic set of gloves for all seasons. Click on this link HERE to get yourself a pair.

16. Counter Assault Bear Spray

You'll never know what to expect in the woods.  Bear spray is the most effective item to deter aggressive encounter.  It doesn't only prevent injury but has a learning effect on bears.

17. Earth Pak Dry Bag

You are going to need a dry bag sometime in the hike.  In cases of more adventurous trail hikes like crossing a river, dry bags are very useful to keep your gadgets dry like cellphones, GPS, cameras, and the like. It's also big enough to fit things like say, an electric kettle.

18. Firekable Paracord Bracelet

This is a very cool piece of equipment from Survival Life.  The paracord bracelet has a striker and ferro rod to start a fire, and a whistle for emergency distress call.

19. Silva Ranger 515 Compass

For new trails and long hikes, it's important to know how to navigate using a compass.  Modern hikers use GPS nowadays but in case it's broken, a compass is a very useful device.  The Silva Ranger 515 is one of the best compasses you can get. Get yours right here by clicking on this LINK!

20. Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Your food will not have that metallic taste like it does using stainless steel material.  There are a lot of cheaper items out there but if you want things to last for outdoor use, the Light My Fire Titanium spork is your best bet.

21. Patagonia's Nano Air Hoodie

This Nano Air Hoodie is a synthetic insulated jacket which is flexible and breathable.  A Patagonia product that is very durable and specifically designed for hiking and backpacking. Own this amazing hoodie by clicking on THIS LINK! 

22. Nemo Hornet 2P Camping Tent

My personal choice for a lightweight tent is the Nemo Hornet.  You don't have to sacrifice convenience and luxury details, this tent is good enough for you and creates space for dry gear storage.  Spend the night outside for a greater outdoor experience. You can get this awesome tent by clicking on THIS LINK! 

23. Outdoor Research Sunhat

A super light sunhat at 3 ounces has breathing section for your head on either side.  This sunhat has a lot of neat features including an extra cover that goes all the way around in case of a rain. Stay cool under the heat, but stay cooler when you buy this hat right HERE!

24. Black Diamond Trekking Poles

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Black diamond trekking pole trail sport 2 .. DESCRIPTION A two-section pole that gets you out on the trail without breaking the bank, the Black Diamond Trail Sport 2 Trekking Pole offers simple support for dayhikes, treks and backpacking adventures. FlickLock adjustability provides fast and secure length adjustments when you encounter variable terrain. Rubber grip with rib pattern to reduce vibration Rubber grip extension Vari-width nylon webbing strap with woven lining for increased comfort Two-section aluminum shaftSingle FlickLock adjustability Replaceable flex tip with low-profile Trekking Baskets Series:Trail Weight Per Pair:594 g (1 lb 5 oz) Usable Length:100-140 cm (40-55 in) Collapsed Length:80 cm (31.5 in) Wa : 087786181410 #trekingpole #trekkingpole #trekkingpoles #tongkatgunung #blackdiamond #blackdiamondtrekkingpoles #blackdiamondtrekkingpole #blackdiamondtrail #blackdiamondtrailsports #sepatugunungoriginal #semeru #papandayan #cikuray #guntur #ciremai #gunungputrilembang #rajaampat #bromo #muchiron

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This trekking pole has anti-shock built into the it.  This is a neat hiking gear with 3-part adjustability and contoured cork grips for added comfort in your hands. Get this neat pair of trekking poles RIGHT HERE!

25. Dragon MountaineerX Sunglasses

The Dragon MountaineerX is an amazing eye wear for the outdoors.  It has more curves and protects your eyes from the sides made with high quality lenses through injection molding. Buy this cool-looking pair of sunglasses by clicking this LINK! 

Watch this video of the Steripen Ultra UV water purifier by Cool Camping Gadget.

What can you say about my list?  Well I know the items look a bit too pricey for a simple hike but if we talk about the best hiking gear, there you have it.  If you have the money to spend, always go for the best.

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