10 Best Home Defense Guns For Protection

best home defense guns Top Guns for Home Protection & Defense

Home defense is always critical, but it may be even more so these days since riots are becoming more common across American cities. Let’s break down the best home defense guns in case you want something to safeguard you and your family.

What Makes the Best Home Defense Gun?

An ideal home defense gun will be:

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Easy to maintain
  • Be chambered for rounds that offer stopping power

The last aspect just means you need to find a gun with rounds like 9mm, .45 ACP, or something similar.

Such cartridges will be able to stop any intruder in one or two rounds, tops.

You’ll also usually want to prioritize handguns or shotguns over rifles. While shotguns can be harder to wield in close quarters, they’re also harder to miss with.

Let’s take a look at the best home defense guns you can get your hands on today.

1. Glock 19 Gen 4

This durable handgun is incredibly simple yet effective.

Most models come with three magazines and reversible magazine releases depending on your preference.

It also comes with interchangeable backstraps so you can change the size or fit of the weapon depending on your palm’s size.

Each grip strap is textured regardless to make the gun harder to drop.

2. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield | Top Guns for Home Protection & Defense

M&P 9 Shield image by Smith & Wesson

This quality sidearm is one of the most compact in the market, so it also serves well as a concealed carry weapon.

A fiber-optic sight ensures you’ll be able to track your target quickly, even in dark conditions.

3. Ruger 1702 GP100

Ruger 1702 GP100 | Top Guns for Home Protection & Defense

Model 1702 GP100 .357 Mag image by Ruger

This is a high-quality revolver chambered for .357 Magnum cartridges, so you can rest assured that it’ll stop any attacker in an instant.

The 6-inch barrel makes aiming relatively easy, and the rest of the weapon benefits from a transfer bar mechanism that stops accidental discharges from occurring: a perfect fit for any family with kids.

4. Colt 1911


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This classic firearm is incredibly reliable and has an upswept, beavertail grip safety, preventing you from accidentally letting off a round if you aren’t squeezing the grip firmly.

It also has low-mount carry sights, so consider using it as a concealed carry weapon.

5. Ruger SP101

Ruger SP101 | Top Guns for Home Protection & Defense

SP101 Model 15704 image by Ruger

This revolver might be a little more your style if you want something even smaller and ideal for close-quarters defense.

Chambered for .357 rounds, it’s suitable for use even when someone is right on top of you, thanks to its snub nose shape and hammerless design.

It comes with a great grip for better user control, too.

6. Smith & Wesson 629


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Find one of these handguns chambered for 44 Magnum ammunition, and you’ll have a hard-hitting revolver that can drop someone in a single shot.

The sights on the barrel will aid with accuracy.

7. Sig Sauer P226


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Sig Sauer makes some of the best self-defense weapons in the world, and this particular pistol has been used by both the U.S. Army and Marines (plus the Navy SEALs).

It holds 15 rounds plus another in the chamber, so you won’t have to worry about running out of bullets in the middle of a fight.

8. Beretta M9A1

This handgun is chambered in 9 mm and has served as a military standard duty-issue pistol for decades.

It’s solid, reliable, and relatively easy to maintain for long-term self-defense.

9. Smith & Wesson Governor

Smith & Wesson Governor | Top Guns for Home Protection & Defense

Model Governor image by Smith & Wesson

This black-finished pistol is slick, easy to conceal, and even the smallest holsters or a purse, and can be chambered for .45 Colt or .410 depending on your preference.

The hammer is almost too easy to draw back in preparation for a shot.

10. Mossberg 500


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This last pick is a shotgun, and a 12-gauge pump-action model at that.

This can devastate any intruder a close range, is easy to use and offers excellent power without producing too much recoil for the defender.

Undoubtedly the best home defense shotgun you can have.

Quality and Comfort Trumps All

Our aim is to help you narrow down your choices, especially when there are various models out there all claiming to be the best of the best.

We hope our list of the best home defense guns can help you make the right decision to protect your home and family.

Always go with the gun you like and of course, one that you're comfortable using.

Don't sacrifice comfort and quality for a cheaper price tag.

What do you think is the best home defense gun right now? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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