Top 10 Best Lever Action Rifles in the World

Lever-action hunting rifle with bandolier and ammunition | Top 10 Best Lever Action Rifles in the World 2022 | Featured

Nothing screams “American” more than a good lever action rifles. Unleash your inner cowboy and check out this guide for the best lever action rifles you can still find in the market today.

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Top 10 Best Lever Action Rifles

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Hunting concept with a lever action rifle | Top 10 Best Lever Action Rifles in the World 2022

Marlin 1895 Dark Series

True to its name, the Marlin 1895’s sleek, stealthy black exterior fits a gun for the big game hunt. If that’s not your jam, it’s also available in walnut, green, or gray.

All models feature oversized loops and come with barrels with either a stainless steel or blued finish. They also come in barrels as short as 18 inches for those moments when swift action is essential.

Depending on the model you get, capacity ranges from four to nine rounds.

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Browning BLR

The Browning BLR comes in a myriad of calibers that suit various shooters. It’s a lever action rifle born ahead of its time using high-pressure rounds and other features that you’ll be surprised to find in a rifle created in the 60s like detachable magazines.

Thanks to the use of lightweight alloy material, it’s one of the most lightweight rifles tipping the scales at only 6.5 pounds. Its receiver includes a side ejection port that makes sure the rounds project you and keep you safe.

The beautiful walnut finish is merely a cherry on top for one of the best lever action rifles there is.

Winchester 1873 Sporter Octagon

Inspired by the classic Winchester 1873, the Sporter Octagon adds modern touches to its predecessor to make it fit for the present, like a blue steel crescent butt plate that adds a degree of comfort while shooting big game.

The 24-inch octagonal barrel produces enough power on its muzzle to fire 4440 Winchester rounds with maximum power and accuracy. Perfect for mid-to-long range targets, but also the nostalgic harkening of rifles you would only otherwise see on history books.

Henry All-Weather .47-70

Henry All-Weather guns were created and manufactured in the USA, just like in the old days. Its refreshed design brings the silhouette that has been battle-tested since time immemorial to the modern age.

Its rifles now include the convenience of a side-loading gate while keeping the familiar removable tube magazine, so you can shoot that game right on target. You can also find a peep sight on the rails, which is not a thing you see on such a gun that often.

Marlin 1894

Marlin brings in a storied history that spans multiple centuries. It’s available in 44 Smith & Wesson, 44 Magnum, or 45 Colt, and its tube magazine contains a capacity of 10 rounds.

Apart from the classy aesthetic due to the contrast between the walnut stock and blued finish, it also performs solidly with shorter ranges. This makes it the perfect gun for shooting deer in a bushier area.

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Henry X Model

Henry’s X series is a modern re-imagining of the best lever action rifle of decades past. While you will still find the familiar features found in classic rifles, it also brings in a ton of modern twists.

Gone are the classic walnut stocks, and in comes a black synthetic stock you’re more likely to find nowadays. It also comes with fiber-optic sights and pre-threaded barrels that can fit your suppressors.

It even comes with support for Picatinny and M-Lok accessories. The diverse calibers these rifles are available in ensure absolute versatility for many situations.

Henry Big Boy

Henry Big Boy is another lever action rifle for those wanting to channel their cowboy energy. It comes in several powerful calibers like 357 Magnum, 44 Remington Magnum, 45 Long Colt, and 327 Federal Magnum.

They come with a blued, octagonal barrel that’s 28 inches long and a choice of 1:16 and 1:38 twist ratios. Its brass receivers harken back to the old days, except with a few modern features like fully adjustable sights.

Winchester Model 94

Winchester lever action rifles are the benchmark when it comes to guns meant for the hunt, and for a good reason – it’s a solid all-around rifle that can withstand the elements. With a multitude of versions available, from the classic model to even a takedown model, there’s one Winchester rifle for every scenario, making it one of the best lever action rifles for versatility.

Uberti 1866 Yellowboy

Uberti 1866 Yellowboy brings out your inner cowboy in a solid, well-built package. It’s a close replica of the classic Winchester 1866 and is available in both 19 and 24-inch octagonal barrels.

Its accuracy remains top-notch due to its 1:16 twist ratio, and its distinct brass receiver and walnut stock make it stand out from the crowd no matter what era. This is one of the best lever action rifles is the one to get when you want a historically accurate time capsule from the Wild West.

Marlin 336 Dark

The Marlin 336 Dark comes in 330 Winchester and comes in a black stock and a parkerized finish. Its 16 1/4-inch barrel length makes it fitting for quick shots for deer.

It also comes ready for modern conveniences like a threaded muzzle for suppressors and a paracord wrap and sling that won’t break anytime soon. It's one of the best lever action rifles if you want something that blends well with more modern firearms.

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Top 10 Best Lever Action Rifles in the World 2022

Shooters looking for a gun to take on a hunting trip, or yearn for the guns of old can grab any of the best lever action rifles. No matter where you use it, you’re sure to find a rifle that has centuries of history built into them.

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