Top 9 Best Pocket Pistol for Concealed Carry

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Need the best pocket pistol for truly concealed carry? Look no further than this list of the best pistols you can slip in and out of your pocket.

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Top 9 Best Pocket Pistol for Concealed Carry

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1. Ruger LCP II

Ruger’s LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) has set the standard for the best bang-for-your-buck pocket pistol in the market today. The LCP II builds on top of this with a heavily textured grip for better recoil control, and proper sights, a rare find for a gun this tiny.

2. Glock G43

Glock wasn’t the first mover in the realm of single-stack 9mm ultracompact pistols, but they ended up ticking all the checks the moment the Glock 43 entered the scene. If you’ve handled a Glock before, expect the same kind of experience with the 43.

While it toes the line between pocket pistols and sub-compact guns in terms of size, it’s thin enough for someone to carry it around without anyone noticing it’s there. You also get Glock’s signature durability and reliability no matter how what condition it has to endure.

3. Sig Sauer P365 SAS

Nothing peeves a shooter more than hitting a snag when you try to take your gun out of your pocket. Sig Sauer designed the P365 SAS to be the best pocket pistol for a snag-free experience.

Its sleek, flat design sits flush in your pocket for maximum concealability. Unfortunately, Sig Sauer had to (literally) cut corners and make some compromises with the sights to achieve its goal, so sighting the P365 will take a bit more practice to master.

4. Beretta Pico

Not to be outdone, Beretta took the snag-free silhouette Sig Sauer started with and made their own take with the Pico. Trims to various parts like the magazine release and the takedown lever combine to make for a sleek design guaranteed to smoothly glide out and be ready for action.

Just like its bigger siblings, the Pico is a well-built gun that carries the Beretta name loud and proud.

5. Seecamp LWS 380

Seecamp set out to create the smallest usable pocket pistol out there, and they did just that with the LWS 380. At merely 3.25 inches tall and 13.65 ounces fully loaded with six.380 ACP rounds, it’s a feat how Seecamp managed to cram so much in its chassis.

Such a small gun means a lot of compromises, including heavy recoil and trench sights. Because of that, you can only use the LWS 380 properly at close ranges and personal defense.

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6.  Kel-Tec P-11

The Kel-Tec P-11 was one of the smallest pocket pistols at its price point during its release. While many more pistols make the P-11 look like a giant next to them now, it brings a lot of advantages to the table like more powerful 9mm rounds and a 10-round capacity.

It’s not the sleekest among them all, but it’s still the best pocket pistol if you're looking for one that shouldn’t fail on you while still sticking to a budget.

7. Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380

True to its name, Smith and Wesson’s Bodyguard line manages to be the best pocket pistol that doesn't compromise on performance too much. In the right hands, the Bodyguard is one of the most reliable, accurate shooters for its size.

It’s not a perfect gun, by any stretch as its tiny take-down pin can make it frustrating to strip down. But once you’re aware of its quirks, you’re rewarded with a pocket pistol you can depend on.

8. Colt Mustang PocketLite 380

Colt takes the best of its 1911 line and adapts it to the pocket-size dimensions. Its hybrid stainless-steel/polymer design makes for a very lightweight gun that doesn’t look out of place with the classics.

If you aim at carrying the 380 Mustang in your pocket, take note of the various points where it can snag (of which there are a lot). Apart from that, you’re rewarded with Colt’s classic design and performance, except more easily pocketable.

9. Heizer Defense PKO-45

The Heizer Defense PKO-45 is one of the smallest .45 ACP pistols you can find in the mass market today. Its capacity is average for its size and caliber at five rounds, but you can get an extended magazine that can support up to seven.

Its fixed-barrel setup reduces recoil (an issue with even the best of the best pocket pistols), and the firearm has an ambidextrous safety that makes it southpaw-friendly.

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Top 9 Best Pocket Pistol for Concealed Carry

These are just some of the best pocket pistols for the ultimate concealability. Any of these will serve you well in your concealed carry, as long as you’re aware of the various compromises you will have to accept.

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