Get The Best Small Camping Trailers For Your 2017 Camping Trips

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January 9, 2017 / Comments Off on Get The Best Small Camping Trailers For Your 2017 Camping Trips


Does camping play a big part in your family activities?  Nothing's better anticipated than the outdoor activities kids and adults alike enjoy.  Small camping trailers are an awesome upgrade for your family camping trips.  We all agree that tents are still a great way to spend the night outside. But if you're looking for the comfort and added security of your outdoor adventures, you might think of getting a camping trailer.  Now there's no need to burden yourself about buying another expensive truck, just tow it behind the vehicle that you already own.  The kids will love it, and so will you.

Best Small Camping Trailers For Your Camping Trips

Some camping trailers will give you space for sleeping, cooking, or even a shower.  Storing your gear will not be a problem as you can place it inside your trailer and put it outside as soon as you reach the campsite.  I look at it as the modern way of spending your night outdoors.  If there's a good reason for companies to flourish and compete, they're basing it on the increasing number of people who dig into this way of having a comfortable shelter outside their homes.  It's fun for the family especially for the kiddos, so if you wanna know what the best small camping trailers are, here's a list for you to look into.

1. Vintage Overland

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This small trailer with beautiful craftsmanship is all hand-finished.  It has LED lighting and a nice little sleeping compartment to spend the night.  You can wheel it out pretty easily, attach it to your vehicle and off you go.

2. Moby1

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Upfront, this trailer has expedition boxes that houses the power and your storage.  Moby1 has a queen-sized mattress inside that are designed to be very comfortable.  It also has locking cabinets and doors to hold your food and a sink that pulls right out.

3. HC1 Teardrop Camper

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This camper made of fiberglass weighs only 1,000 pounds.  It can be towed with a compact car and can be customized to just about anything you want.  You can use it as a rolling apartment, or remove everything and use it as a trailer.

4. Alto R 1713

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The one drawback of small trailers is you can't stand up in them.  You keep walking around bent over, but this small trailer's roof can be raised and has solar panels.  It's also made up of a super light material so the whole feature weighs only about 2,000 pounds.

5. MOAB Gobi Trailer

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This thing looks small but is actually designed for multi-day camping.  This camper was originally designed to carry ATVs and bikes so it's really durable and can stand really harsh conditions.

6. High Camp

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High camp is only about 5 1/2 foot tall and all aluminum construction.  These are high quality teardrop trailers that houses a comfortable bed and wooden cabinets for storage.

7. Nest Caravan

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The Nest Caravan is also made of fiberglass material.  It's a bit stylish compared to the other small camping trailers with a queen-size bed that offers an awesome camping experience.  This thing offers numerous storage spaces as well as a bathroom and with toilet.


Watch this short video of the Moby1 expedition trailer.

These small camping trailers are changing the way camping trips are done.  Well, I still prefer the old tent by the fire outdoor adventures, but I won't deny wanting to have one of these trailers.  It's like a small home away from home.  You can get busy with its many features and get excited for your next trip.

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