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Do you find yourself struggling to land accurate shots past 500 yards? You might be using the wrong piece.

Equip yourself with the best sniper rifle that consistently lands accurate, precise shots upward of 1,000 yards!

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Best Sniper Rifle | Comparing the Top 5 Best Pieces

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1. McMillan TAC-50 .50 BMG

The McMillan TAC-50 is reliable and functional.50 BMG rifle used in both civilian and military applications. It stands among the most notable sniper rifle names throughout history.

McMillan released the original TAC-50 in the 80s and intended it for military use. Over time, however, the company released several variants that civilians now use for various shooting applications, from elk hunting to home defense.

Perhaps the only downside to the McMillan TAC-50.50 BMG Rifle is its steep price stage. This sniper rifle will set you back by nearly $12,000—taxes and maintenance considered.

Stopping Power

This impressive.50-caliber rifle can pierce through several types of armor. Whether you need to take down a large elk or some armed thieves from a distance, you can trust the TAC-50 to finish the job.

Effective Firing Range

The TAC-50 has an effective firing rate of 1,960+ yards. Mid-level shooters can expect easy shot placements past the thousand-yard mark, given that the weather conditions aren't too bad.


This piece has less recoil compared to the other items on this list of sniper rifles. The military even uses it for close-quarters combat at 100 yards.

2. German KAR98K 7.92×57

The German KAR98K 7.92×57 is a powerful rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge hailed in the military for its extreme durability and reliability.

This piece is extremely resistant to water, dirt, and rain. Keep the barrel clean, and you can expect to land accurate shot placements consistently.

Stopping Power

With a muzzle velocity of 2,000 feet per second and formidable stopping power, you can use the KAR98K to take down big games like brown bears and elks. However, it likely cannot penetrate standard armor.

Effective Firing Range

The German KAR98K 7.92×57 has an effective firing range of 550 yards, although you can bump it to 900 yards by attaching quality optics. Some skilled shooters claim that this piece has a maximum firing range staggering upward of 4,000 yards.


Apart from durability, the German KAR98K 7.92×57 also has an impressive rate of fire. It can fire out 15 rounds per minute, so you can use this piece for hours on end at the hunting range without encountering any issues.

3. Winchester Model 70 .30-06 Rifle

The American sporting community thinks highly of the Winchester Model 70. This piece has made a repeat appearance at almost every shooting competition since its introduction in the 30s.

Apart from the rifle being functional and reliable, it also has a lightweight frame weighing eight pounds. To further improve maneuverability, opt for the 20- to 24-inch barrel-length variant.

Stopping Power

Whether you need to take down a big bear or a group of thieves, you can rely on the Winchester Model 70.

Effective Firing Range

This piece comes equipped with the eight-power Unetrl scope, which allows the rifle to hit targets positioned upward of 1,500 yards accurately.


The Winchester Model 70 has an extremely reliable cold bore and hot barrel. Most shooters can fire upward of 50 rounds without the point of impact shifting. You can definitely use this piece for hours on end without a hitch.

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4. FN Ballista .308/.338 LAPUA Rifle

The FN Ballista.308/.338 LAPUA Rifle ranks among the most accurate, precise sniper rifles on the market.

Shooters have used it in competitions for eons now. You can bust out hundreds of rounds without moving the shot placement by even a few inches.

Stopping Power

The FN Ballista .308/.338 LAPUA Rifle has decent stopping power. A 33 cartridge can pierce through standard-grade military armor from a thousand-yard shooting point.

Effective Firing Range

This piece has an effective firing range of around 1,790+ yards, although skilled shooters can push their shots upward of 2,000 yards.


While the Ballista was made for competition shooting, many civilians nowadays use it for home defense and hunting applications. However, it has quite a bulky frame, so it might work as a truck gun.

5. Cheytac M200 Intervention .408 Rifle

The CheyTac M200 Intervention features a manual rotating bolt rifle .408 caliber mechanism with highly accurate and powerful shot placements.

The CheyTac M200 Intervention features a manual rotating bolt rifle .408 caliber mechanism with highly accurate and powerful shot placements.

However, since it weighs over 31 pounds, carrying it around for too long might hurt. Trust us—shooting thousand-yard targets is not something you can achieve with a numb, shaky arm.

Stopping Power

This piece has impressive piercing power. Considering that it can break through above-standard, military-grade armor, it can easily take down larger animals as well.

Effective Firing Range

The CheyTac M200 boasts a far-reaching effective firing range staggering at 2,500 yards. A skilled, experienced marksman can utilize to hunt down shy, timid animals that scare easily.


If the piece's default features still do not impress you, invest in modifications. Mounting a scope or optic on this would further boost the effective firing range by another hundred yards or so.

These rifles are undoubtedly some of the most accurate, reliable pieces on the market, but we still encourage you to explore your options. Only use this list as a starting point in finding the best sniper rifle.

Objectively assess your shooting preferences, filter your options, read reviews on gun discussion forums, then see which rifles suit you best.

Also, make sure to practice on the range. Long-distance shooting requires extreme accuracy, focus, and concentration—skills that you can only acquire through diligent practice.

Remember: no rifle can compensate for the lack of technique.

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