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Claiming that airguns are the best survival weapons may seem crazy. I know many of you must be thinking, “How in the world could a children's toy possible be a good option as a survival weapon? There's no way these low-powered guns could be of any use in a survival situation.” And you would be right. Toy guns certainly wouldn't do you much good once the SHTF. But there are plenty of airgun models which aren't anything close to being a low-powered toy.

These guns are a far cry from the Red Riders we received as Christmas presents as kids (“you'll shoot your eye out!”) and small air pistols used as toys. These aren't the orange-tipped, low-powered bb guns used for chasing around squirrels in the backyard. We're talking some seriously high-powered guns that will get the job done. Don't believe in the power of airguns? Check out the video below:

Air Gun Shoots Through Cement Block


So why would these guns be the best survival weapons rather than traditional guns? The simple fact is that traditional ammunition is hard to come by, expensive, and will eventually run out. Most people don't know how to make the powder and primer needed for ammunition to fire, so when their stockpile is depleted, their guns are rendered worthless.

Though airguns still need ammunition, the process for making the pellets yourself is much easier to learn and simpler to accomplish. Also, the ammunition is easier to find in stores and much cheaper to purchase, making it that much easier to stock up. Here's just one of countless methods to create your airgun ammo:

 Homemade Airgun Ammo


Another upside of these guns is the comparative silence of the firing of these guns. Especially helpful while hunting, the quiet firing could be a huge asset of this gun in a survival situation. The use of air also keeps the kickback of these guns pretty weak, increasing your accuracy.

Still doubting the power of these guns? We found power and accuracy tests for all different types of high-powered airguns to convince you that this gun is the best survival weapon. Check out the test videos below:


 Benjamin Rogue .357


Wolverine 303


Daystate Air Ranger 80


Bonus: How to make your own high-powered air gun!


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Best Survival Weapons Air Guns

  1. Nick says:

    Being able to make your own bullets is a great advantage to air rifles, and they’re powered by air (which we won’t run out of) but that air still has to be highly compressed. How long would it take to pump one of those up with a hand pump?

    1. Lance Hansen says:

      120 pumps

  2. Ray Pitsenbarger says:

    I love you stuff!
    I enjoy watching your programs.
    Thank you

  3. Terry says:

    Where do you get the molds for the.177 and the .22 cal pellets?

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