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young man on tactical gun | Top 7 Best Tactical Shotguns 2022

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Nothing beats the best tactical shotguns for your home defense needs. Here are 9 that will bring home invaders down and you still standing.

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Top 9 Best Tactical Shotguns 2023

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Young woman on tactical gun | Top 7 Best Tactical Shotguns 2022

Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima

At $1,760, the MP-155 brings in rock-solid build quality and value.

Its high-tech features stand out and are the smartest tactical shotgun today.

The MP-155 contains an intelligent display on top of the receiver cover. It can connect to any smart device over a wireless connection or via USB through its USB-C port.

Also, It has a clock, a compass, and a cartridge capacity indicator.

Fostech Origin 12

Fostech Origin 12 | Top 9 Best Tactical Shotguns 2022

Fostech Origin 12 by Modern Firearms

Upon first glance, the Fostech Origin 12's design may be one of – if not the most innovative tactical shotgun. Fostech threw in a couple of upgrades in response to customer requests. And designed the shotgun to work with a wide variety of ammo.

Its modular design allows shooters to switch various parts to suit their needs. While its lightning-fast firing speed puts its competition to shame.

Origin 12's long-stroke gas piston system remains intact even after many rounds. And even with lower-powered ammo, its performance remains as powerful as ever.

Mossberg 590A1

Mossberg 590A1 | Top 9 Best Tactical Shotguns 2022

Mossberg 590A1 by SOFREP

Loved the Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun but needed something more combat-ready? The Mossberg 590A1 is the closest to the best tactical military shotgun you can access as a civilian.

With a finish built to withstand the demands of military combat, 590A1 feels sturdy and well-made. It also comes with many configuration options (including attaching a bayonet). And supports magazines with 9 rounds of ammo.

Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 is the best if you plan to use it in various environments and situations. It is one of the most versatile tactical shotguns out there.

A light buckshot round or a more tactical round shot performs without hassle.

Being a gas pump shotgun, you don't get the downsides with Benelli's inertia shotguns. Especially after adding extra attachments like optics and tactical lights. Yes, it looks boring, but sometimes dull is best when performance is what you seek.

KelTec KS7

Keltec KS7 | Top 9 Best Tactical Shotguns 2022

Keltec KS7 by 19FortyFive

KelTec puts the KSG's cool factor in a shotgun form. At less than 6 pounds, it's a very lightweight gun for its size. It barely pushes the legal limit in both barrel length and overall length.

Even with the unconventional gun design, it's still a tremendous shotgun.

Its design makes it the best ambidextrous tactical shotgun. And compensates for the slow reload rate.

Beretta 1301

Beretta 1301 | Top 9 Best Tactical Shotguns 2022

Beretta 1301 by EuroOptic

The Beretta 1301's fast-cycling rate allows you to take rapid-fire shots. The best part? It does this while allowing you complete control of your gun.

It has a removable stock that makes it easy to customize your desired pull length for comfort. It's a great illustration of what Beretta's capable of in the tactical shotgun arena.

Iron Horse Firearms Sentry 12

Iron Horse Firearms Sentry 12 | Top 9 Best Tactical Shotguns 2022

Iron Horse Firearms Sentry 12 by GAT Daily

Get the best features of both magazine-fed and pump-action shotguns with the Iron Horse Firearms Sentry 12. Its compact design makes it an excellent tactical shotgun for home defense shooters in tight spaces.

Its handy magazine-fed system makes even the most shotgun-skeptical shooters easily pick this up.

The lack of side rails means customization is more limited than the competition. But it provides the best balance between power, reliability, and convenience.

Remington 870

Nothing beats the classic Remington 870 if you harken to the days of the traditional shotgun.

Its longevity is a testament to its stellar performance in the field. It never fails you in the worst opportunity.

Because it's such a popular gun, it's easy to find accessories, upgrades, and mods that will work at any price point.

We especially recommend attaching a tactical light for most utility.

With the right mods, you get the best tactical shotgun for home defense if you must get only one gun of its kind.

Armscor VR80

Armscor VR80 | Top 9 Best Tactical Shotguns 2022

Armscor VR80 by Armscor

For those who want another magazine-fed option, look no further than the Armscor VR80. This gun is especially perfect for those who use AR-15s, as it's styled like one.

The option to attach magazines of up to 19 rounds means it will take a while before you run out of ammo.

If you're more familiar with wielding rifles over shotguns.

Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:

Which is the best ammo for tactical shotguns? Check out this video from the Lone Star Republic:

The best tactical shotguns provide all the power you need to defend yourself. But, no matter which one you choose, training, practice, and experience matter.

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