Comfort And Convenience – How To Choose The Best Tents For Camping

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November 18, 2016 / Comments Off on Comfort And Convenience – How To Choose The Best Tents For Camping

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The significance of having a quality tent is highly regarded by experienced campers, survivalist and devoted preppers. But there's a wide variety of brands and types to choose from thus finding the right one can often lead to confusion especially if it's your first time buying a tent. Not to mention the factors that you need to consider. So on that note, here a list of tips to narrow down those options in choosing the best tents for camping.

Choosing The Best Tents For Camping Made Easy

I always look for a gear that has excellent quality because I am aware how important it is to own something that can withstand the test of time. And when it comes to camping, I always make sure that my gears are durable enough–but it doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be expensive. Yeah, it can cost a bit more than any other ordinary brands but the quality won't let you down. When choosing for the best tents for camping, a lot of things come into play such as price, brands, and the materials used and this is just to name a few things that need consideration. To help you decide the perfect camping tent for you, we listed some of the things that you need to think of. Read on and learn from these tips so that you'll be guided when purchasing a new tent.

1 . How much space you need

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The first thing you need to consider when choosing the best tents for camping is the space. The initial question that you have to ask yourself is the number of persons that will use the tent. Every brand and type have its recommended maximum number of sleepers. You also have to make room for other camping gears such as bags, personal belongings, and whatnot. If you wish to bring your pets on your escapades then you better think of sizing up. Thinking of getting a spacious tent? Get one right HERE! 

2. Tent shapes

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Tent shapes can also affect the tent space. Below are the two basic shapes of tents.

  • Cabin – cabin style tents give more vertical walls which mean that it provides a little more space. Sometimes they also offer room dividers for more privacy.
  • Dome – dome style tents tends to be easier to assemble all thanks to their simple designs. Their more slopping walls can handle strong winds and harsh weather.

3. Tent Material

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Shelters made with tough fabrics and durable aluminum poles will last longer. So you have to be on the look out for the materials used if you want to have the best tents for camping. A waterproof tent should be considered by hikers too. Get one right HERE! 

4. Extra Storage

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There are tents that offer additional storage for your books and headlamps so that they are within your reach when you need it. Some tents are compatible with optional tent gear lofts for more storage space. Shop for a tent like this RIGHT HERE! 

5. Easy Access

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If you want easier access and additional storage, choose a tent with two doors and tent vestibules. Get this incredible tent right HERE! 

6. Tent Cover

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There are tents that have full covers and can protect you from rain and cold weather but you can also roll the fly out of the way to let the sun in then roll it down again at night. And there are some that only cover the roof allowing a greater air flow and unobstructed view.

Watch this video from REI for more info in choosing the best tents for camping :

Tents are one of those camping gears that you need to provide extra attention when choosing the best one. It needs to be durable and reliable especially in harsh weather condition. This your shelter and your source of primary protection from the biting cold, the brimming sun, and other elements such as wild animals. Tents are vital for survival. Quality plays a major role and one of the essential factor that you need to consider first when looking for the best tents for camping.

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