Biden Oblivious to His Own Voter Desires Regarding Gun Control

Biden Won’t Win Over America With His Comprehensive Gun Control Agenda

September 21, 2020 / Comments (9)

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The upcoming election is pushing candidates to state their stand on certain topics. Right now, gun control is a big debate. And it seems like Biden's gun control agenda might make him lose votes.

Biden's Gun Control Agenda: Yay or Nay?

2020 has been a year of firsts.

The first time state economies were abruptly closed, the first time a healthy population was quarantined, and the first time a candidate ran for president that could not appear in public without a teleprompter.

It has also been a year in which gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed to new heights.

And yet, amidst the entire country arming themselves to the teeth, Joe Biden finds it appropriate to tweet, “Weapons of war have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

What’s more, is that Biden made the remark in response to two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies being ambushed and shot – with a handgun.

How exactly would a high-capacity magazine ban prevent such an incident?

Perhaps the attack, which left both deputies hospitalized and requiring surgeries, could be attributed to public opinion of law enforcement, which has plummeted in recent months.

Calls to defund and dismantle police forces across the country have been accompanied by violent attacks on officers and precincts.

Police officers have been subjected to having bricks and fireworks thrown at them, as well as precincts vandalized and lit on fire.

Simultaneously, they are being prohibited from using tear gas, rubber bullets, or batons to defend themselves.

Gun Sales Still Going Up

As cities take very real action to diminish police forces and their involvement in their communities, Americans are flocking to gun stores in an effort to protect their families.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reports that:

  • 40% of gun sales in 2020 are to first-time gun owners, equating to roughly 5 million new supporters of the Second Amendment. And these 5 million new gun owners span multiple demographics.
  • 58% of firearm purchases were among African-American men and women, the largest increase of any demographic group.
  • Women comprised 40% of first-time gun purchasers.
  • Retailers are seeing a 95% increase in firearm sales and a 139% increase in ammunition sales over the same period in 2019.

And yet, Biden refuses to acknowledge the surge in firearm sales in the United States.

Biden Calls It a Gun Problem

In fact, he has called on notoriously anti-gun former Texas Representative Robert “Beto” O’Rourke to help him “take care of” America’s “gun problem.”

“I want to make something clear: I’m going to guarantee you this is not the last you’ve seen of him. You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one who leads this effort,” Biden said during a March campaign stop in Dallas, standing next to O’Rourke on stage. “I’m counting on you. I’m counting on you.”

In addition to trying to play both sides of the field on gun control, first advocating for more and then denying that he opposes the Second Amendment, Biden’s anger when he’s confronted on any topic isn’t helping him.

In March, when he was approached by an autoworker in Detroit about taking away our guns, Biden’s response was confusing: “You’re full of shit. I did not. No, no, shush. Shush. I support the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment,” Biden responded, incorrectly calling the AR-15, an AR-14. “Gimme a break man. Don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, has suggested that if they win in November, a mandatory nationwide buyback of AR-15s could be on the way.

For a nation that is more fully embracing our right to bear arms than in any other year, Biden's gun control agenda will not be winning over voters anytime soon.

Though Biden might be considered “moderate” on some issues, gun control is not one of them.

What is your stand on Biden's gun control agenda? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

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9 Responses to :
Biden Oblivious to His Own Voter Desires Regarding Gun Control

  1. Alan says:

    Why does one have to go through facebook to register. No way Jose.

    1. Bumphree Hogart says:

      I totally agree!

      FB is something that I want nothing to do with!
      They suck, big time!

  2. Kit Miller says:

    There’s no way my boyfriend would ever let anyone take his firearms. And with everything going on right now I would have to agree with him. I’m very happy he has taught me how to use a firearm.

    1. Windy Wilson says:

      that he did this speaks well of his character and temperament, and your character and temperament, too. For example, I am unhappy my sister-in-law knows where the kitchen knives are. Hopefully, for my brother she will mellow as she gets older.

  3. Ric French says:

    No my guns are my guns I will. Barry them first

  4. Windy Wilson says:

    Hehe, that isn’t all Dopey Joe is oblivious to.
    But more seriously, when people speed on the freeway, do lawmakers respond by putting speed bumps on Main St.?
    I fear that thanks to the death grip the Left has on the media, any resistance to government thuggery will be reported as, “See? The conservatives ARE violent and refuse to compromise. We have to be harsher to make society safe.”

  5. Micah McGee says:

    No Biden I’m voting for President Trump not you nor any of the others that are gonna be in the election I’m voting Red remove every democrat because I like the sound of that even when I had first heard it so remove every democrat it is for me you see

  6. donald white says:

    this is not your daddys 1960’s black and brown people got just as many gun as you punkasses got and are ready and willing to use them mufuers!

  7. Jamey says:

    If they want my guns they better bring theirs. Due to the high cost of ammo there won’t be a warning shot

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