Biden To Announce Extreme Gun Control Executive Orders


President Joe Biden will sign a gun control executive order that would ban “ghost guns” on Thursday. Many consider this move to be a direct assault on the Second Amendment.

Apart from banning such weapons, the said action may also involve a directive against “assault” weapons. However, whether the order will actually involve this remains unclear.

As per a Politico report, Biden is expected to reveal a number of executive orders aimed to curb gun violence. Also, the president will instruct his administration to start the process that would require buyers of “ghost guns” to undergo background checks. Attorney General Merrick Garland will reportedly join Biden at the event.

Over 100 Democrats signed a letter that demands the president to take action against “assault weapons” last week. These Democrats cited a gun control law created initially to regulate the selling of machine guns in the mid-1930s. In later decades, lawmakers updated the said legislation to keep up with the evolution of technology. The Democrats claim that the measure would allow the president to ban such weapons without Congress’ approval.

Many expect the president to push back on using executive orders to possibly go beyond regulating “ghost guns,” which would send the topic back to the Congress democrats.

Biden Administration on Gun Control: Legislative Fixes Still the Priority

Responding to the criticisms from gun control activists, who say the administration moves too slowly, the White House said that legislative fixes are their priority. The president will likely make this point again on Thursday. Apart from this, he will also likely express his support for bills that would expand background checks and close what many call the Charleston loophole. This said loophole allows firearm transfer from licensed gun dealers prior to the completion of a background check. The president will also likely propose legislation that would keep guns away from those considered a danger to themselves or others.

Last month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki alluded that Buden would sign gun control-related executive actions that would go against the Second Amendment.

When asked about executive orders connected to gun control, Psaki said that people should expect that Biden would sign them. Back then, however, she said she couldn’t provide an exact time frame since they needed to conduct a review.

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25 Responses to :
Biden To Announce Extreme Gun Control Executive Orders

  1. Carbine Williams says:

    You can bet Biden wouldn’t have balls enough to actually try and fix the problems caused by Democrats leading in cities and states where most of the violence is.Most already have hundreds of gun laws,do they fix the problem? Hell no the best way to fix the problem is get rid of all Liberals and Democrats. Move them to Irsan or China.

  2. April lee Yohe says:

    See this is why he should of never, never been voted in . Now look people this is what you get, you voted in and as far as I know everyone knew this is the shit he was gonna do. Just like the China Bullshit. Now for you people that voted for him Eat Shit And Die. Freaking Morons. Can’t stand asshole people.

  3. John William says:

    Dementia Joe can sign anything he wants,,, other than those insane like him, no one cares. Ignore him!

  4. david streeter says:

    Could this be because of the fact that he’s not able to hunt?

  5. Todd Otterson says:

    I agree with you April Lee Yohe 100%.

  6. Samatha says:


    1. Gary Zoller says:

      You are exactly right about that. Iv said the same thing for ever. We need them right now! White Supremise are attacking the Capital and they still are saying that. What the f..k!! Are they stupid!

  7. Tony M Kidder says:

    Your just seeing the tip of the iceberg coming, there is no words for these stooped democrats, thy are control freaks. you people who voted for him are nothing but monkeys on a string.

  8. Wesley Field says:

    What can i say. you voted it in you wanted a police state you got it. when they tell you how to pray or what you can wear. just shut up and eat the shit.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is bullshit.

  10. LindaStorby says:

    Mr. Biden, shut up. If you can put your pen in your pocket, leave, before you embarrass the USA any further.

  11. Homeofthebrave says:

    He’ll no, Biden never had balls…we all know his kind, big mouth until the fighting begins , then runs away like a screaming baby. Guy never had an original thought either. He’s the epitamy of a swamp creature.

  12. Michael Bluemke says:

    biden is out of his mind!!! This lying sack of EXCREMENT, now he’s threatening people in the state of Georgia, does he know anything about “Jim Crow” laws? I think NOT. This communist administration he’s running, well it’s failing and FAILING BADLY. The American people are watching on a daily basis, biden & psaki LIE AND DECEIVE!!! I’m not sure they KNOW THE TRUTH THEMSELVES. GOT TO GO!!!!

  13. Robert says:

    I think you have many good points. Biden needs to be impeached. End him now.

  14. joe bidet says:

    joe bidet is nothing more than a subhuman garbage Old Pedophile!
    once he pushes us past the brink our only choice will be to remove
    the wrinkled old brainless coward by the from our white house!

  15. Denny says:

    Try to come and get mine you will get the hot end!!!

  16. Dennis Eagleberger says:

    What We Need is Nut and Criminal Control, but that won’t be their approach of course. He’s asking for trouble, stupid liberal.

  17. Eugene Pedoto says:

    Jim Crow Joe must be put to sleep…permanently.

  18. KEVIN FAULKNER says:

    Cain killed Abel with a rock,Jim Jones killed ppl with koolaid,what now?Evil comes from the heart not a gun,my gun never killed anybody!!

  19. A. Domke says:

    Just an observation but this looks to be a case of executive overreach. As the primary member of the executive branch he is not allowed to write law only decide how it gets enforced. Using an executive order to press an issue as law would be writing a law which would fall to the legislative branch ie. congress. which seems to involved with trying to get rid of the filibuster to worry about moving forward with reasonable legislature, even doing the job they were elected to do.

  20. tim carr says:

    sounds like there is a lot of people who care about this great nation “ONE NATION UNDER GOD FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” vote people vote especially for your state elections keep your states red and call your legislators let them know what you are thinking or email them but keep your voice heard. they want to divide and conquer they think we are stupid well like i said “ONE NATION UNDER GOD FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” divide black and white, yellow and red keep us fighting with each other while they rob us call email your local federal rep in congress and demand a bill be introduced to have term limits on all elected officials and end lobbyists it might not go far now but just like a snowball going down hill it will gain momentum and it will benefit all AMERICANS just don’t give up and say there is nothing i can do because there is a lot of us and last PRAY!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The liberal elite just love to point out how we gun owners are just a bunch of red neck ignoramuses. Please try to state your case without resorting to constant and repetitive filth and utilize some proper English language to keep them from using this as an excuse.

    I sincerely believe everything stated, and understand these are emotional issues. However, we need to up our game, otherwise we are no better than them, and continue to be ignored as irrelevant, unimportant ‘Po-folk’.

    Capt. USMC

  22. Anonymous says:

    When they make you mad, they get just what they want for you to not grasp what is going on and your reaction is just what they are looking for.
    Delusion is the act of war and this is what this is a war against all civil liberties!
    This is Democrat 101, look through history and open your eyes now!! Its in front of your face, TV, Internet, Facebook, fraud, theft and corruption!

  23. Catherine says:

    Samantha, I agree 100% Guns do not kill people, People kill people. place a loaded gun on a table and no one touches it – it can not pull it’s own trigger. Take guns from Illegals and the murders who got them Illegally. Leave the legal gun owners alone to protect their families and property from the Illegals and rioters and thieves and such and America will be as God and our fore fathers meant it to be.

  24. Larry says:

    It seems that all of you are the dummies Mr. Biden is violating his oath of office the constitution can only be changed by amendments that has to be voted on by the people of the United States of America not by any other means. By trying to change the constitution by executive order and not by vote Biden is braking the law and should be impeached. The 2nd amendment was put there to insure that the United States Of America always stayed more democratic and never turned socialism or communistic which is what the democratic are trying to do. This great country of ours was built on men and women with guns who put there life on the line making and keeping this country free. I will close with this comment “WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED I WILL BECOME AN OUTLAW”

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