[Watch This] Big Game Hunt – How To Hunt A Bull Moose

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September is the month for a big game hunt, and this season can often lead you to trophies like the bull moose. This time of the year, the weather begins to cool down and leaves turn their colors and to top it off, moose are in the rut. Take a look at Keith Warren haul in this big game hunt and you just might learn how to do it yourself!

[Watch This] Big Game Hunt – How To Hunt A Bull Moose

Get A Trophy, Put Food On The Table, And Feel Great About It

Keith Warren is an expert in hunting big game, an outdoorsmen TV icon and conservationist. He flies about with Brent Keith of Castle Rock Outfitters up in the Alaskan territories in search for a giant bull that makes for a great trophy. Usually the big game hunt takes about two weeks, so they set up camp and waited for the perfect opportunity to get one of those bad boys.

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They travel from the plains to the hunting camp on a bush plane since the place isn't that accessible by road.


From camp to the sweet hunting spots, Keith and Brent rode horses due to the fact that trucks aren't available to them and they'd need something to bring in the big game with.


Once they spot the giant moose, the big game hunt is on and Keith and Brent get ready to pull the trigger. At the end of the day, they were able to successfully bring in two of these giants with much excitement and wonderfully content with their harvest.

Hunting big game is definitely satisfying as the adrenaline courses through your body once you pull that trigger. Hauling your big game hunt trophy in just feels right and knowing that you'll be providing food on the table doesn't get any better!

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