12 Biological Weapons Survival Tips

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With the advancement of technology nowadays, the threat of an attack with the use of biological weapons is rather imminent. With terrorists resorting to various methods to disrupt our social and economic system, one must think of ways to survive such an attack.

Biological Weapons Survival Tips: Holding On To Life

Once a person is infected or inhales infected air, death can come within the span of an hour or two or up to a number of days. Oftentimes, it may already be too late. Most especially if there is no known cure for a new biological agent terrorists might use.

The first thing that may come to mind is the use of a gas mask. But for a lot of people, it may already be too late. What else can we do? Here are a few biological weapons survival tips that might save you and your loved ones.

1. Know The Works

In order to prepare for a biological weapons attack, one must know how it can be introduced to the environment or to the people. It may seem to be such a minute detail to think of but knowledge is power for many. Possible options are:

  • Through air, food, and water
  • Through people like terrorists infecting themselves or people fleeing the place with infections
  • Clothes and ordinary day-to-day materials like your mail which may be previously exposed to a biological agent
  • Animals, mosquitos, fleas and rodents

2. Check Packages Or Letters

Anthrax was said to have been spread via snail mail. It is best you double check suspicious letters or packages for the following:

  • From unknown senders especially if it’s from a foreign country
  • Signs of crystallization, oil stains or blotches
  • Having been marked as “personal”
  • Words are not spelled right
  • Having no return address or too much postage
  • With powdery substance inside

3. Build Your Own Survival Kit

Build Your Own Survival Kit | Biological Weapons Survival Tips: Holding On To Life

There are different types of survival kits that could serve you in various disasters or emergencies. But you could also build your own survival kit that would fit into a biological weapons attack. Read on to learn how to create your own survival kit.

4. Get Your Shots of Flu Vaccine

You could only get those that have already been known to the medical world. Should there be any new strain of a biological weapon, the flu shots would be rendered useless. Yet, it is best to get one every year for good measure.

5. Be Up-To-Date On The News

Should there be any biological weapons attack the government, private organizations, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization) would give the necessary information through national TV to the public to avoid the spreading of the disease. The internet would also most likely be flooded with the news.

6. Coordinate With Local Emergency Response Units

Your local EMT's will be working alongside the national government and private organizations on precautionary measures. Pay close attention and follow their instructions to the letter. These people are trained and know better than anyone else.

7. Practice Good Handwashing Procedures

Practice good handwashing techniques every time you come in contact with people. Hand sanitizer or 70% alcohol will do. You can wash any sort of contamination right off. Or better yet, you can wear gloves for good measure.

8. Shelter In

Move to the highest point of your home or building. Seal the gaps around your doors, windows, and vents with the use of duct tape and clear plastic covers. This will prevent any outside air which might be carrying biological agents from entering the house. An air filter machine can be used for converting outside air to clean breathable air inside your home.

9. Decontaminate

Make sure you dispose of all your clothes, jewelry, and even contact lenses that may have been exposed to the biological elements before decontamination. Instead of the normal undressing, you should cut your garments to minimize the clothes touching your eyes, nose, mouth and skin. Seal it in a plastic bag and dispose of it. Then wash your body with soap and water or 10-to-1 water with bleach solution. Talcum powder can also be used if water is unavailable.

10. Stay Isolated

Avoid major populated areas or the area where a possible biological weapon attack is probable. The odds of coming across someone who is infected is high since people from the affected area will be fleeing the site.

11. Stock Up On Supplies

Build your food and water supplies to last for at least 6 months to a year. This will help you and your family from going out for supplies. This will, in turn, prevent you from making contact with people who might be infected. Most likely the food shelves will be emptied out in a couple of hours in the event of an attack. People will be panic buying to stock up on their own supplies.

12. Secure A Bug-Out Location

Have a location far from your state that's isolated in the woods. It should also have food and water supplies that could last you and your family for months. Put on a gas mask whenever you have to travel outside.

Watch this video on how to survive a biological attack posted by Discovery:

Other precautionary measures one can take are to stop drinking water straight from the faucet. Stick to bottled water or your own water supply. Head “crosswind” to avoid possible airborne biological substances that may have been released in the air. If the wind is coming from the east or west start heading north or south. Whatever the circumstances may be, always look to the authorities for more instructions. But should you really go solo, you must be prepared to fight this threat with the above-mentioned tips and should be with a sound mind.

12 Biological Weapons Survival Tips

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