Black Aces Tactical: Super Short Shotgun Looking Thing

Black Aces Tactical

February 12, 2016 / Comments (1)

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I met the owner of Black Aces Tactical while visiting the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

I left the booth impressed, and even had a bit of drool running out of the corner of my mouth. I absolutely love innovation, and whenever you combine that with the ability to circumvent the BATFE and their nonsensical rules, I get giddy like a little boy on Christmas day.

Because ‘Murica, baby. Don't like it? GTFO!

I had an opportunity to see their products on the internet one day not long ago after they turned up in the results of a Google search. Needless to say, I was left with some questions. I was thrilled to actually see these guys in person at the GAOS to answer my burning questions, especially since I didn't see them at SHOT Show last month.

Why am I so ecstatic about these guys? Well, for one—look at this thing:

Black Aces Tactical

Black Aces Tactical

Okay, forget about the fact that this one is hot pink, because it does come in other colors. What does it look like to you? A shotgun, perhaps? Oh, but it has a brace on the back, and was never fitted with a stock….
It must be an SBS (short barreled shotgun). Nope, try again.
How about a pistol? Well, it needs a front grip to operate, and pistols can't have one of those, so…
Out of ideas? Well, the BATFE classifies it as a firearm. You see, it was designed this way, from the factory.
Because it is classified as such, it needs NO special NFA paperwork done and can be shipped directly to your FFL—even though they have extremely short barrels, folding SIG braces and are a spring assisted pump action with a front grip.
Based off of a Mossberg 500, this 2, 5, 10 or 20 round box-fed (or drum for the 20 rounder) pump action firearm is awesome for home defense, folding up into your bug out bag or just plain old fun. Stick a flashlight on a rail, point and shoot 2 and ¾ inch slugs, buck or bird shot till the cows come home.
Black Aces Tactical

Black Aces Tactical

The owner, Eric, said that he ran into some issues with magazine development, but eventually settled on a modified version of Saiga 12 mags. Though, you can't just go buy one of those magazines and let her rip like a tater-chip. The mags are proprietary, and this stout little gun only works with those mags. 
Also, no longer does the tube function. So, you have to get used to a magazine fed shotgun. Though, that shouldn't be too difficult to do, especially in the name of freedom.
Personally, I'm excited for it. I began wooing the owner of Black Aces Tactical, and plan to continue to be a thorn in his side until he sends me one to have a more…shall I say, intimate look at. I just hope he doesn't send me the hot pink version, because that might leave permanent damage on my man-hood.
What do you think about this one? Spud or dud? You know my opinions, let me hear yours.
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