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The guys over at Dans Depot have been kind enough to send me another one of their kits to take a look at and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

A while back I was working on my new report about the benefits of having an Every Day Carry (EDC)  kit.

Now I have built my own personal EDC but I wanted to see if there were any pre-made kits available that were “up to snuff.”

Unfortunately I couldn't really find anything  on the market that was of use to me.

My main qualifications for EDC is that it is a group of items that I can keep on my person, that help me survive at least long enough to get back to my gear, all while going unnoticed by others.

Now I'm not saying that this kit fits the bill, (in fact I would call it a mini get home bag) but it is still a pretty good kit.

Craig shot a video review on the Kit ( Dans Depot calls it the “Ozark Kit”)

Check out his video and then I'll tell you my own personal thoughts on the kit:


First thing I have to say, the bag this kit comes in is fantastic!

Grab one today! (Hurry they are running a special “Black Friday” where you can snag this bag for 50% off and get free shipping!)

It is comfortable, the over-sized buckles and zippers work seamlessly and are big enough that you should be able to use them even with impaired mobility in your hands (ie. cold weather, arthritis, etc)

It is made out of a durable canvas material and has plenty of room for added gear.

Like Craig said in the video, no kit is perfect and your going to want to make your own adjustments.

Below are a few of the adjustments that I have made.

I have taken the aquamira water filter out of the original packaging and placed it into a ziplock bag.  That way I can slide it inside the water bottle to clear up space in the actual bag.

I included some of the aquamira tablets also, in case I don't have time to stop and boil water or drink through a straw. I can just fill the bottle, drop in a tablet and take off again.

I have also included a small box of hurricane matches in my kit, that way I have a bic lighter, fire steel, and matches, to round out my fire making kit.

I kept the polarshield blanket in the kit but also included a emergency bivvy that is a little more durable.

About the worst thing I can say about this kit is that the food portion… is pretty bad.

I'm not a fan of Datrex  rations.  I actually opted to switch out to the millenium rations. this clears up a lot of room in the pack and saves a good deal of weight too.

All in all, this kit is well worth it just for the bag.  With the modifcations I have made I still have plenty of room to add extra's like my  notepad, extra socks and underwear, tinder, and much more.

While this didn't end up being an EDC, it is still a really good day bag that is lightweight and filled to the brim.

Check out the kit and let me know what you think

P.S. Craig shot another video that show's off the actual bag by itself .

This thing stands on its own merits!

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