[Watch This] A Hunter’s Guide To Proper Rifle Maintenance and Cleaning

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Cleaning your rifle is imperative to lengthen its life and should be done regularly to prevent dirt from hindering it to perform better. This ensures that your rifle will function properly and helps to make sure that it stays that way. However, you should know how to properly clean your rifle before you actually do it so as to prevent any accidents in the process. Take a look at how eHowFitness suggests we clean our rifles!

[Watch This] A Hunter's Guide To Proper Rifle Maintenance and Cleaning

How To Clean A Bolt Action Rifle

Rifle maintenance may pertain to the actual cleaning process and also the lubrication of its parts so it functions smoothly as expected. There is much importance in following the proper safety guidelines when cleaning your rifle due to the possibility of a misfire, or so that you won't damage your rifle when cleaning. Follow the steps and have a squeaky clean rifle everytime!

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When cleaning the rifle, safety is of utmost importance so before starting, make sure that the rifle is unloaded and double check by pulling the bolt, and looking into the barrel for any cartridges. If there is none, face the rifle away from you and remove the bolt.

For the barrel, use a cleaning rod with a rotating handle to allow the patch to rotate as it cleans the barrel's insides.

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The bolt doesn't need to be dismantled altogether, a simple brush here and there would be enough to remove the pieces of brass and black powder that sticks to it.

Check out the full video by ehowfitness right here on how to do it right.

It is also necessary to lubricate the bore so that it can handle the pressure of firing a bullet with ease. If there are damages on your rifle, it is better to have a gunsmith take a look at it. With these simple tips, your rifle will surely last and function properly everytime!

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