BOND Arms Enters The Semi-Auto World With Purchase Of Boberg

SHOT Show 2016 Bond Arms

January 29, 2016 / Comments (8)

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SHOT Show 2016 Bond Arms

Boberg and Bond 9mm pistol

In a strange turn of events, modern derringer handgun maker Bond Arms has begun production on a semi-auto bullpup style 9mm pistol. Back in November, the company acquired Boberg Arms and all its assets—including the machinery which has been moved to the Bond manufacturing plant in Texas.
The design of the pistol is strange, to say the least. Basically, the seven round 9mm magazine is reverse fed while a mechanism pulls each round out of the mag and inserts it into the chamber. Watch the short video below to see what I'm talking about:

There is no recoil spring to speak of, and the gun has a longer-than-you'd-think barrel. The barrel measures 3.35 inches and is the same size as some of the larger pistols on the market. The “bullpup” design allows the over all size the handgun to stay small, because there isn't a magazine follower pushing ammo up into the gun (thus allowing a longer barrel). They are extracted from the magazine, and inserted into the chamber.
And, being that the barrel is a bit longer, you will likely also be able to squeeze some more accuracy out of it, not that you'd use it for competition shooting, though. Still, it's nice to know that you stand a better chance at hitting your attacker. And, when your life is on the line and the tunnel vision starts, you need all the help you can get.
Generally speaking, for what you got when Boberg was selling them, the cost was astronomical. However, Bond Arms is a well-known name that may be able to push costs down. If they can get it away from the $1,000 mark, more people may be willing to jump on board the Bond Wagon (see what I did there?).
I know I'd like to shoot one so I'm gonna try my hardest to get one. At SHOT Show, the Bond table was like a hornet's nest and I couldn't really get close to it. But, I do believe they're going to be at The Great American Outdoor Show taking place from February 6th to the 14th.
I'll be there and maybe I can woo them into sending me something sweet to test.
What do you think about the design of this strange little semi-auto 9mm pistol? Would you buy one? What would the price point be on it to entice you?

8 Responses to :
BOND Arms Enters The Semi-Auto World With Purchase Of Boberg

  1. Cpl Steve Carter US Army Retir says:

    I think for a 9mil that only holds 7 rounds they are going to have to get somewhere well under $500.00 unless they are going to only do limited runs (under 2000) of special edition collectable’s then the diehard collectors might pay more

  2. Daniel Studnicky says:

    I, absolutely, agree with the Corporal. I own a Bond arms derringer (410/45 and 38/357 barrels) and love, simply love, their concealability! If they could keep the price mentioned by the Corporal in that range, I’d be on Bond in a heartbeat.

  3. Thomas Denton says:

    I’m still waiting, always year

  4. Mark S Fowler says:

    Why are these posts dated 2017?
    This is 2020?
    I’m not seeing the connection.

  5. Allen says:

    It appears this article and the comments are over 2 years old, as I’ve been waiting that long for Bond Arms to get the price on their Bullpup semi-auto down to a reasonable level. Currently – in January 2020 – the price is still at $1000, which is way too high for most people as there are easily concealable very good quality semi-autos that retail at $300, and even the most expensive concealable semi-autos go for less than $800. When the Bond Arms Bullpup comes down to a reasonable price I’ll be buying one, and so will most everyone else, so Bond Arms could make a lot more in volume sales than they are making now with the prohibitive high price.

    1. Bobo says:

      The price is never going to drop that much, even on the used market….which if you’re interested in the pistol would be where to look for the best deal, then suck it up and pay for it…if not spend the $ elsewhere

      (comment not directed at anyone in particular)

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