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Booby traps are an effective first line of defense, so here are some of our favorite homemade traps guaranteed to kick the enemy's ass when SHTF!

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Kickass Booby Traps for You and Your Homestead's Defense

1. Tripwire

Use this method to keep intruders from entering a certain area. A tripwire is a wire or cord stretched close to the ground and attached to an explosive or an alarm.

Remember when Little Kevin, in the film Home Alone, had to come up with some creative and innovative homemade traps in the house to fight off burglars?

Trip Wire | Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home

The tripwire was one of the common booby traps our little hero used, and it proves to be one of the most basic yet effective forms of security system you can make.

Have you heard about Mosul, Iraq? Iraqi forces are currently clearing hundreds or even thousands of booby traps placed by Islamic State Militants.

It just shows how effective it is, even after the insurgent's defeat.

2. Feather Spear Trap

Ideal for keeping wild hogs out, this lethal trap is very easy to make and is one of the earliest forms of traps. The feather spear trap is effective against wild hogs — easy to make but very lethal, indeed.


What Is Feather Spear Trap? It is a complex but primitive type of trap characterized by wooden spears attached to a piece of fixed wood and a wire, which serves as the tripping device.

These are easy traps to make in the woods, as well. In fact, our ancestors used these for hunting wild animals and to protect their land from invaders ideally placed on trails.

If you watch the movie Apocalypto, you'll see one of these. On that note, these flicks serve as a great reminder that you can use just about any home and personal security if you put your mind to it.

3. Paracord Snare Trap

One of the simplest forms of traps, this is an effective tool often used for catching and harvesting small games or furbearers. In fact, the snare trap catches an animal around its neck or the body simply with a cord.

Though it may be illegal in some states, it is reliable in a desperate survival situation. Thus, having the skill to make one of these is good leverage for every survivalist.

4. Corn Flour Explosive

This DIY explosive is set up by spraying corn flour on the flames of a candle kept inside a tin can. This will result in an explosion because of the rapid combustion.


The reaction of this explosive device shows the change of the chemical energy stored in the cornflour into heat. It is simple science, but it can be handy in a survival situation, too.

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5. Slow Burning Fuse

This slow-burning fuse, made with common household items buys you time to hide the device before it explodes. You can also create an explosive time delay with some items you can find inside the house.

Slow Burning Fuse in the Grass | Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home

With a slow-burning fuse, you can hide first, then fire the trap from a safe distance. Of course, it seems like straight out of a Roadrunner cartoon show but hey, they are based on real-life scenes, too.

6. Punji Traps/Stake Pit

Punji stakes are traditionally made with bamboo, but wooden baseboards can also be used. They are sharpened, fire-hardened pieces of bamboo, sharp enough to easily penetrate a soldier's thick boot.

Additionally, enzymes or poison lace the end of the stakes to cause infection. Punji traps can absolutely result in serious injuries or even fatalities, especially a side-closing punji trap.

7. Talking Booby Trap

Deter intruders with this sneaky talking booby trap. It is made with a simple recording module and common household items such as a clothespin.


If you're looking for a way to catch those culprits or “sneaky snoops,” then this talking booty trap project is definitely a must try. This firing device will then prevent them from stealing your stuff!

8. Explosion Simulator

Drive thieves away with this explosion simulator created with a modified sprinkler valve. Intruders won't know what hit them if they try to break into your home or your bug-out location.

This project may be just a simulator, but it can be a very reliable and kick-ass booby trap if it's done right. In fact, the explosion can cause serious damage to intruders.

Consider it like anti-personnel mines. The fire that will come out of this simulator will drive those sneaky thieves away.

Save this infographic for later!

Infographic | Booby Traps Reminders | Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home

In this age or time where our society is quickly heading into lawlessness, you can never be too sure, indeed. These homemade traps then can be a delaying tactic, harassment, or even pin down the enemy if set up perfectly.

So don't let your guard down, and protect your home and your family with these booby traps!

What do you think of these kickass booby traps? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Booby Traps To Protect Your Home

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 10, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

102 Responses to :
8 Booby Traps To Protect Your Home | Survival Life

  1. John says:

    Yea…booby traps are kind of illegal…even if on your own property…

    1. Paul says:

      Unless it a long term SHTF then anything goes

      1. Mahatma Muhjesbude says:

        I would think that such discussions of tactics and potentially lethal defense systems here are for informational purposes only since the only time they’d be necessary and acceptable would be in a lawless environment to begin with, or all out warfare.

        1. paul says:

          When you call after a major break-in and thief of fire arms and any thing of value, if you get the law to respond it arrives 6 hours or more later. I would love to use lethal defense. it is like living in a wield west time. I know they do not have to protect you or your family, some how we must take action.

          1. Robert says:

            I had my home broken in to and robbed 3 times last year. Twice, I knew exactly who did it. I even had pictures of one of them using my stolen credit cards. My local LEO did nothing. The third time, I walked in as it was going down. The response was that they got fingerprint dust {spilled} on my carpet. Then up and walked out and left. No apologies, no police report, nothing…Just left.

            What I have learned from this is that I can not count on the law even in normal times. Sure won’t be able to count on them when the SHTF.

      2. Diana says:

        How bout Hitman with locals ties to police

    2. Tim says:

      I’m not a lawyer, so take this with a grain of salt…

      The general rule is, you can use as much force with a device as you could if you were there doing it yourself. If you kill an unarmed intruder with a trap, you escalated the violence and you’re liable. Same with a dog; if it kills an unarmed intruder, you let loose deadly force.

      Non-lethal traps, go for it. Snares and tripwires are perfectly legal. The dangerous but non-lethal? Depends on the situation.

      Not saying don’t do it – a lot depends on circumstances. Just be aware.

      1. Kennedy McLeod says:

        I am a lawyer. Laws vary from state to state. Any type of trap you use you are liable for the damage, not just civilly, but criminally also. You may set a trap to just scare or trip someone and later find the victim is dead because of it. Then you may be subject to criminal penalties for manslaughter. Depending on the exact facts and local laws. Reading this article and doing what it suggests are two different things. Be careful of your actions.

        1. Jack Stallard says:

          This world is so screwed up, I have read articles where a burglar got hurt when committing a crime, got seriously injured and sued the homeowner and won.

          1. Anonymous says:

            Yeah you can thank our laws and law-makers for that. There is no longer ” Right & Wrong, Legal or Illegal. There is now 50 million shades of gray area for lawyers to hide behind & feed off of. Even if someone confessed to a crime, with enough money a lawyer will get him off.
            Before anyone says anything. This comment is not from someone who has been wronged by a judge or lawyer, but from one who is SICK & TIRED of seeing murderers and rapists go free. Not because they didn’t do it, but because some gray area made it not wrong enough or there was an excuse. So they walk free to do it AGAIN.

      2. Lisa says:

        How would you know whether or not a night time intruder was armed?

        1. Ron says:

          Check the body before deciding how to dispose of it

    3. Mick J says:

      during shtf rule of law….yea, rite. so….i reckon you will not have any such nasties? where will you be? id like to stop by and shop.

    4. gloria holloway says:

      I have only two security cameras after a Verizon technician illegally came to my home and cut my internet wire. he continually comes back to my home during the night and messes with my cameras after I reported him to Verizon’s corp office. Because he work for Verizon the police don’t want to do anything. I feel I need to try and set a boobie trap when he mess with my cameras.

      1. Troy says:

        Set up a trip wire type of trap where he will set it off if he jacks with your cameras…
        Set it to go off at face level and use bright orange spray paint that will spray him in the face when he sets it off…
        Then see how he can explain his actions with bright orange paint all over his face…!

      2. Marie says:

        I was just gonna say can you afford to put a fence around your house? A tall stockade fence? I got one all around my house. I was gonna put barb wire on the top, but someone told me i better not., so i took 2 foot high lattice and nailed it to the top of the fence so now the fence is 8 ft high instead of 6 ft. When they want to rob houses in my rural area they will go to the easy and NICE looking houses first. My house looks dumpy and poor.

    5. Griff says:

      Trip wires are the best because, hey they tripped. It’s their fault and the wires are easily removed.

  2. Somehow, I think my neighborhood association would object if I put something like a Punji stake trap in my front yard. They’re a bit picky about things like that.

    Not all survival is wilderness survival. A good topic for a future article might be booby traps that are child-safe and work with neighbors mere yards away.

    Motion-sensing lights is one. Someone I once knew had another idea that I liked. If he heard a noise outside, he could throw a single switch beside his bed and flood lights at every corner of his house came on, illuminating it in pool of light. He even had those lights on a dimmer, so when he went out, he could surround his house with just enough light to deter a would-be burglar without driving up his electric bill.

    Another idea would be to place enough downward-facing spotlights on an exterior door, so they’d destroy a would-be intruder’s night vision, giving the you inside, with your night vision intact, a decide advantage. Knocks coming late at night would become less worrisome. If they hang around although lit up like high noon, they’re probably harmless.

    –Michael W. Perry, Across Asia on a Bicycle

    1. bushy says:

      how can a boobietrap be child safe… how would or should a trap distiguish children from adults. if i had a trap that only went off if a person forced my locked door open, under what circomestance does a child forcing my locked door open make it so my trap should or would not trip?(just in the hypothetical world. oh and said trap is totaly safe if the door is unlocked from eather side.)

  3. Stan says:

    Lets remember that booby traps ARE ILLEGAL. If you set one up on your homestead or other place like that, and a “bad guy” sets one off (or falls into one) and gets hurt, you can be sued, and you will lose BIG; on top of probably being thrown in jail for a while.

    I really liked the article, but lets remember that booby traps get setup after TSHTF and not now.

    1. starstone says:

      Yea criminals have more rights than the law abiding victim. Figures. Sorry if I offend any bleeding hearts, but maybe if private properties were full of lethal booby traps; crime would have an all time low and finally people could get a good night’s rest. Saves bullets, time and stress. As far as kids are concerned, I guess the millennials would be in trouble. A kindergarten society.. where are the violins and cheese?

      1. Anonymous says:

        amen brotha’

    2. LEAVEmeALONE says:

      OK, I just had a real good time writing about what would happen if a REAL SHTF happens and my family was in survival mode. But I knew I would have to erase everything I wrote so they don’t come knocking on MY door.
      I’m calm now, go about your business. I am NOT the droid you are looking for (:-;

      1. Anonymous says:

        I hear you if someone comes to my place I have a shovel and a alibi

        1. Marie says:

          Strange you mentioned shovel….well, i didn’t want to say funny, cuz i just bought a long handled shovel to dig a hole cuz had to put my 14 yr old small dog to sleep recently….nice shovel, and it may come in handy for another day in the future…..

        2. Plurb says:

          amazing what a large enough piece of property and a decent back hoe can do to eliminate the dead bodies of those darwin winners with licentous behavior and too much curiosity

  4. Nick says:

    Of course booby traps are primarily illegal (once they cause harm to another person whether it be friend or foe). But I do agree that knowledge of bobby traps could play a vital role in your survival is society collapses. Knowledge isn’t illegal yet so we better soak it all up while we still can. Thank you for this post!

    1. Charles says:

      I agree, all leathal booby traps are illegal but using those that are not such as the airhorn, having a loud noise go off such as a shoot gun from a recorder or like what another commenter said having a can or balloon of red paint that falls on the intruder would be very affective and I don’t see how you could be charged with any crime excepting protecting yourself and your family and property. Have the trespasser explain what he/they were doing on your property at such an hour. The leathal ones are for after a disaster – natural or man made.

  5. jack says:

    Can yall do an animal trap list. I know a few, but id like to know your list of favs.

  6. Bob says:

    Instead of a bullet, set up the cartridge one with buckshot

    1. Meathead says:

      I’m well prepared for the SHTF time. I already have the rudiments constructed to make 24 traps, minus the 12GA Double 00 shell. They can be buried just below ground level and covered with natural debris. I’ll lay them out in a checkered pattern and mark them so that only family knows where they are. Intruder steps on one and loses a foot.

  7. Call me, Carlos says:

    The cartridge trap, won’t do much more than piss the intruder off. If the casing is not held is a ridged firing chamber, it will only make a loud boom. Probably, wouldn’t even cause any pain.

  8. Jeff says:

    “enzymes or poison”? They soaked the sticks in human excrement.

  9. Gorkhalee says:


    1. bamareb says:

      Key words here people!! SHTF!..SURVIVAL!..at this point anything goes..more than likely there wouldn’t be any electricity or power for “Flood Lights”.. And Sirens..these are tried and true ” make it through the crap techniques…Remember..in a bad situation you can carry only so much in a backpack..but knowledge is Limitless and like ANY weapon these traps should be used only when you have no other choice..

      1. RJ says:

        I have to agree with you I’ve done some research only because I’m the type of person that if you tell me the sky is blue I need to look up and make sure not that I don’t trust the person I need to see it for myself and weird things have been happening that make you think and say why is this happening Just be ready for whatever

      2. John Scarbel says:

        Most likely home protecting their families.

      3. Bobk says:

        I hAve a ring of solar motion 16 LED lights and solar floods . These are relocatable as need be to provide lighting, not just lighting up for critters in the dark. They also help security cameras with motion sensing recording by flaring up first.

  10. Mike says:

    “The ends of the stakes were often soaked with enzymes or poison that would cause infection.” IE- the VC would dump human feces in the pits with the spikes

  11. Marcel Dos Santos says:

    here is my arguement to the situation, if someone jumps into your yard, his doing nothing but trying to kill you, legal does not play a role in survival anymore. Call the cops? yea maybe that worked 15 years ago, not anymore. Do what you have to and stay alive. everyone is so worried about legal but we talking about your life, more important than what the law tells you you cannot do, its either kill or be killed! survival of the fittest.

    1. Dion says:

      Hell ya finally someone with some balls!!!..lol

      1. Anonymous says:

        I agree!
        I have often said to the people I know that when the time comes, ” If you come to my house as a friend, I will welcome as such “. But ” if you come to my house posing a threat, then you are an enemy and you will not even make to the door ” .
        I do not NEED guns for protection, they are just handy. As this site shows, there are a LOT of other ways to slow down, subdue, or do away with those meaning you and yours harm.
        Life is not a video-game people. Life and death is REAL & it is UGLY. You have to get more real and ugly than it is to stay alive.

    2. Starstone says:

      Exactly! ­čÖé

  12. Colin says:

    Great one I saw on a farm. Tear gas canister linked to sensor in the main living room, anyone breaks in they get teargased and silent alarm goes off in main room. The door which leads to the bedrooms is sealed so that most of the gas does not enter the sleeping quarters. Anyone know how to boobie trap a car? I though same system would be good but don’t want to risk driving with a gas canister in car.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Run a wire from the coil to the seat, Hide the wire while doing so. NON LETHAL, but very effective. I they are dumdumb enough to try a second time then they get what they deserve…

    2. Valentine says:

      Mousetrap in a TiffanyÔÇÖs box with tissue paper covering the trap which the robber will think is a ring case. Assuming you are talking about people who rob the cars rather than steal them. One guy in our neighborhood has been doing it for years on camera!!!! Cops donÔÇÖt care. Also thinking of getting some of those super sharp fence spikes and gluing them underneath the car handle. He has a way of using your key fob while itÔÇÖs in your house. Of course key fobs should stay in a faraday cage. But my car is old timey. No fob.

  13. kara says:


    I was wondering who did the animation for the 9 booby traps sign. I am looking for a digital illustrator for a children’s book and I like that style. Let me know if you know someone who is interested.



  14. Jeremy says:

    Most of these are pointlessly non-lethal ideas. I could care less about “incapacitating” an intruder/trespasser. Want them dead. Any half-ass machinist can rig a shotgun shell claymore, air-assisted chokepoint spear trap, home made BP landmine, etc etc. Legal schmegal. Decent machinist doesnt have to worry bout where to get guns. Measure and make em.

  15. J says:

    You are 100% correct people need to wake up and watch all the signs that are right in front of us

  16. Lee Heinz says:

    The number 5 booby trap can be modified like the Viet Cong did in Nam
    after making the board and the nail on bottom when you put the cartridge in the bamboo you just put a stick on top of the cartridge so it sticks up about 3/8 of an inch out of the ground so when you step on the stick it drives the bullet down on the pin. Eliminates having to keep an open hole to cover just cover it all up with dirt and pack it some so the stick stays in place. Just an idea to add to this one.

  17. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    These “traps” for the most part are pure insanity. A person who would employ these devices could be opening themselves up to major lawsuits, and, or criminal charges . It would not matter if these things were legal where you live or not. These devices could “catch” anyone, a child or a pet, yours or some-one else’s.
    A person using one of these devices would be more likely to “trap” an innocent human or animal, then a criminal or some-one with criminal intent.
    So, I will just stick with my fire-arms thank-you very much.

    1. ZeroabsolutlyNone says:

      Dude…(imho) if one has to employ these type of devices we will be long past criminal charges and lawyers.
      Hold on to your fire-arms tho. You’ll need those for the ones that get “inside the wire”.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        I totally agree with you on that, but I was only referring to regular “normal” stuff.

        1. Wayne Bennett says:

          This isn’t for “regular or normal”. It’s for SHTF type stuff. And I’m sure most of us don’t want that to happen and pray that it doesn’t, but it is always a good thing to be prepared just in case.

    2. SIRWIZARD says:

      You are correct. Using these will surely result in criminal prosecution for the ‘booby trapper’, but they can be useful AFTER the SHTF event ( also known as TEOTWAWKI ).

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:


      2. Bertie says:

        Surely the “intruder” needs to make it out alive to be able to tell the story!
        Common sense has left the building – if you werent trespassig , with the intent to steal, or worse, you wouldnt have stepped in the trap!! So it’s on your head you got injured.

        1. Lakeshia Davis says:

          Unfortunately, there would still be civil liability. I remember a story where a man rigged a shotgun to the ceiling of his shop that when the burglar came in, he’d be shot to hell. That is exactly what happened and the next of kin of the burglar sued for wrongful death and won. The courts are insane.

          1. Flyingcircus says:

            No they’re not.

          2. Anonymous says:

            Should of just put the remains in a deep hole , COVER THE ISSUE WITH DIRT ,,,,,,,,

        2. Flyingcircus says:

          Most jurisdictions would see that slightly different. There are various entirely legal reasons to enter someone else’s home.
          Even if you catch an actual intruder you might be looking at a long jail sentence, because it COULD have hit someone who had to be there (such as police firemen or medical staff).
          Booby trap at your own peril.

        3. John says:

          If someone gets killed in your trap, feed em to the hogs. There will be no trace of anything left.

          1. Anonymous says:

            Chemicals my friend, chemicals.
            You would be amazed at the broad range of things that chemicals can do. Both good and BAD.

    3. Samson Bandy says:

      Your logic could easily be applied to everyday driving on the road [Risk Involved] there as well
      As mentioned in the the beginning of the article

      They are a enhancement to your existing protective perimeter plan [think fire arms alarms locked gate etc]
      People messing with others that they should not be bothering is pure insanity X 10
      No need to get butt hurt about it….it’s survival bro

      An for our “legal system” if those clowns were doing their job we would neither have the need for booby traps or such a discussion as this

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:


      2. Wayne Bennett says:

        I agree as well. Except our police are not the problem. It’s the politicians.

      3. Flyingcircus says:

        “Your logic could easily be applied to everyday driving on the road [Risk Involved] there as well As mentioned in the the beginning of the article”

        No, it definitely couldn’t. Your intent, when driving a car, is not to kill or maim someone..

        Please don’t try to act like a lawyer if you aren’t one.
        Also the legal system doesn’t have anything to do with the executive system, which you are bemoaning here, you should get your facts straight. I wonder if you’ll still call them clowns once they’ve sent you to prison for a couple years because you booby trapped your house and actually caught someone (regardless of whether it was an actual intruder or not).

    4. Bertie says:

      What about those for whiom firearms arent an option – ie they live in countries where most firearms(ie handguns are verboten) – as to shotguns/rifles, need a vali reason to have those.Most people dont so theyre effectively off limits for most too.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        of course that is a different situation

      2. K. L. Jamison says:

        When I was in Korea guns were outlawed. Middle class homes were surrounded by a wall with spikes on top and a large unfriendly dog inside.

  18. Brad Becker says:

    Buy a bear trap on line each one working condition new $150 – $200 . Watch video how to make burning flares and timer devices on the internet on you tube. Chain bear trap to a tree they are no going anywhere. Might break their leg. Dam sure chew them up some. Make your Own claymore mines. just regular BB’S a container to channel the blast and explosive material.

  19. Brad Becker says:

    The dead fall pit will work that’s the smartest idea on here. Dig a hole place spikes at bottom spikes on the sides flip top with short nails youse it to piss and shit in a few times get it a bacterial infestation.

  20. Patriot 1 says:

    wussy stuff….1/2 gal. jugs of tannerite over 20 penny nails hung strategically in trees are way more effective. Size of the boom matters.

    1. Wayne Bennett says:

      That means you have to be within scope range. Sweet.

    2. Meathead says:

      Tannerite is expensive. Cans of hairspray are way cheaper. Bleed the cans down half-way. You an line the cans on the side opposite of you with duct tape impregnated with small finishing nails, BB’s, 00 Buckshot pellets, etc. You can take out several intruders with one shot.
      I prefer to tape mine to posts about three-feet off the ground with a cheap solar light above them to illuminate them at night.

  21. James T Thompson says:

    I approve of any booby traps that are alarms rather then instant harm. If harm is needed, I would prefer to do that in person ­čÖé If you are out alone in the wild and have big predator’s, by all means use what you can to protect yourself but be sure to not forget where the traps are ­čÖé

  22. Bob Barton says:

    I know some traps that will bring in numbers of people,the more the merrier.

  23. K. L. Jamison says:

    Boobytraps are illegal in some jurisdictions. May be considered manslaughter in others. I did an article on the subject for Concealed Carry magazine some years ago.

  24. Flyingcircus says:

    Installing booby traps in and around your home would be very unwise in most jurisdictions. They could hit the wrong person, so even IF you’re lucky and an actual intruder triggers the trap you could still end up in jail.. and justly so.

    1. Angry says:

      I’m asking anybody for help at the moment I live in apartment me and my teenage daughter only but for the last 4 months I’ve had people come into my apartment I don’t know what to do about it, cameras they get around them because nowadays if you know anything bout computers it is easy 2 manipulate them, please I need any kind of help anything I can’t take this no more police have been here numerous of times they look around walk around listen to what I have to say and leave that’s it no more no less please someone I need some kind of booby traps I don’t care what kind of dangerous or not I’m to the point where I don’t care

      1. Starstone says:

        I see that you are in a tricky situation. Please understand, I have always lived in the mountains, and people here watch out for each other. To steal/intrude on, etc. from someone here, could easily result in a severe consequences for them. It has never made any sense to me that for someone to defend themselves, or protect their family and property; that the victim becomes criminalized. I do understand why the laws are written to help protect citizens from unlawful search and seizure, and persecution. It seems like a daily occurrence in that the uninformed public is played for a fool. I.e. yesterday’s events. Triggering civil unrest. I would rather spend life in prison for defending my family against criminal activity from any force. Rather than calling 911 only for them to draw lines in chalk. At least, then when asked I can say, my family is everything to me… id do everything I could to protect them again in a heart beat. That is what I believe the bill of rights were all about. Unfortunately, the uninformed public allow their rights to be confiscated for the illusion of safety. Aka patriot act. And countless others. They get off on taking our rights, and trying to modify our rights.
        I know everyone’s got to live somewhere, and life goes on… I only can pray that you and yours remain safe and in good hands. Be well my friend…

  25. moore says:

    We have a simple detterrent, run/nail down carpet tack strips along the top of your fence, if anyone tries to jump your fence….

  26. Sam W. says:

    While dangerous traps are illegal what is there to prevent replacing the dangerous parts with an alarm to discourage prowlers? Get some of those Halloween noise and flashers rig them like Claymores only not dangerous. Strategic hole so that a zip tie end between batteries and contact will keep it off. Tie your tripline to the other end of ziptie. Perfect your sets before hand.

  27. Bruce Morelan says:

    Awhile back I read a article about a guy down on some little mountain what 200 foot elevation in NW Florida had a bug out shelter built below ground and he had sensors placed through out his property and during the tests he had replaced the 30 Cal machine guns with auto fire paint ball guns and no intruder made their way into their underground cabin. This guy definitely had the money but he’s my kinda man to go to those extremes to protect himself and his family.

  28. Duoded Maxilit says:

    For non- SHTF times, I prefer lights, noise and dogs or geese. Back those up with lethal force if a perp decides they want to play inside my castle. In or when SHTF, I like hollow pointed caltrops, dead falls and bamboo feathered punji
    pits laced with hot pepper and rock salt powder.


    Private property, Dog Warning signs, 2 Dobermans. If you attempt to come on my home property, you’re very liable to be confronted by my home security detail. If they don’t recognize you you’ll be their next play toy. I can see why I might be accountable for an injury or more to an innocent person not meaning any harm, such as a minor.

  30. Lund Tonneau says:

    All I know too the booby traps are illegal. It could be fatal to some extent.

  31. Completely I share your opinion. In it something is also idea excellent, agree with you.

  32. Nick Wojo says:

    I can’t wait to use these on my mailman.

  33. onwin says:

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