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Failing to clean your gun will lead to its poor performance. Check out how you can keep your gun at its peak state using a bore snake.

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How to Clean Your Gun With a Bore Snake

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Parts of a Bore Snake

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How to Clean your Gun with a Bore Snake

1. Make Sure Your Gun Is Unloaded

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This is the most crucial step! To avoid any accidents, be sure that your gun is empty. Prep your gun well and choose a well-lit area for maximum visibility on what you are doing.

Also, stay as far away as you can from any open flame. An added precautionary measure is always better than compromising your safety.

2. Spray Gun Cleaning Solvent on the Bore Brush

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Gun cleaning solvents supposedly help with the breakdown of grime and dirt in your gun's barrel. After spraying it on the bore brush, it's recommended that you wait 2 minutes before cleaning your gun with the bore snake.

Not all gun owners see this as a crucial step, however. But we're throwing this in just in case you also want to explore if this will work for you.

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3. Feed the Brass Weight Through the Barrel and Pull

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This is actually the first step to finally cleaning your gun with your bore snake. Once you're done with the first two steps, you can get started by gently slipping in the brass weight into the barrel. As soon as you see it go through the other end of the barrel, you can start pulling.

4. Resistance Is Normal When You Reach the Bore Brush

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Bore snakes come in different sizes. This is to ensure that it precisely fits in your gun's barrel to cover all areas that need cleaning.

So if you experience a bit of tension when you start pulling your bore brush through, that's normal. Your bore snake is just doing its job of removing the dirt and grime that the first floss area wasn't able to remove.

To see if you have the right bore snake size, check the stamp on the brass weight to see if it's compatible with your firearm's caliber.

5. Continue to Pull

pulling-bore-snake-out-of-gun-infographic-step-5 | gun bore snake

After the bore brush is done with the heavy cleaning, it's the main floss area's time to shine. Its purpose is to make sure that it catches all the residue that the bore brush was able to scrape off, leaving the inside of your gun as pristine as it can be.

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The purpose of the bore snake is for quick and easy cleaning. To make sure that you're really getting all the dirt and grime out of your gun's barrel, run through the five steps a few more times until you're satisfied.

Want a deeper clean? After your trip or once you've settled, bring out your cleaning rods to make sure that you can really get into the parts your bore snake can't reach.

A bore snake, after all, is a quick fix. We still suggest that from time to time, take those cleaning rods out and give those guns of yours their well-deserved TLC.

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