Brazil: Lawmakers Seek To Make Guns Easier To Get, Emulate America

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November 13, 2015 / Comments (4)

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Finally someone who gets it! Some of the lawmakers in Brazil, one of the most violent nations in the world, are looking to make guns easier for law abiding citizens to acquire. The country boasts a murder rate of almost 60,000 per year, and there is no doubt that making firearms easier to get would help reduce that rate.
Why? Because criminals don't want to get shot. Therefore, they won't go looking for trouble as much. Ya know, common sense and all that other stuff?
Of course, the naysayers tout that allowing more guns on the streets will only increase the murder rate. To which I say, what exactly is “murder?”
If, by “murder,” you mean that innocent people shoot and kill someone out of self-defense, then yes—the murder rate will likely go up.
But, that's not the correct definition of “murder.” That is actually called self-defense. Whenever you have people who are armed on a daily basis, but never actually pull their weapon from the holster until their life is verifiably in danger, that is called self-defense.
The proposed laws would drop the legal age to purchase a firearm to 21, down from 25. It will also allow people to buy up to 9 guns and 600 rounds of ammunition per year. Though, it isn't clear whether it is a total of 600 rounds, or 600 rounds per gun. And, instead of needing a reason to own a firearm, it is defined as the right of the people should they decide that they actually need one.
There are plenty of people in Brazil who are opposed to the newly proposed law, which would make them look more like America, at least in terms of gun rights. Of course, one of the major differences is that we can currently buy as many guns and rounds of ammo as we'd like (with some restrictions like handguns in under so many days).
However, the facts cannot be disputed. For the first two years after their gun rights were taken away, the crime rate did, in fact, drop. But, after it set in that good people could no longer defend themselves, it rose to the current rate of 60,000 fatalities per year.
And that's just the murder rate, not taking into account the other violent crime and robberies taking place.
My stance on this issue, is that I'm hopeful the Brazil Nuts aren't successful in blocking the new law. I hope that it passes, and we can use the fact that crime does drop significantly to our advantage up here in the United States of America. That way, we can show the libs that there were so many killings per year. Then, magically, guns were introduced and the killings slowed way, way down.
What's your take? Let me know in the comments below.
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Brazil: Lawmakers Seek To Make Guns Easier To Get, Emulate America

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