Tips for Buying Guns Online

Tips for Buying Guns Online by Gun Carrier at

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There is a lot of negative attention given to buying guns online. I like actually going in person to a gun store and picking out the gun I have already researched and actually having a chance to rent one and shoot it before I purchase it.

Being in-store is great because you can actually ask them to get whatever gun it is you want for you or possibly find the one you wanted in the used section for a lower price. Another great option for you is to buy a gun from a private seller.

Buying Guns Online

You can find people at the range who are trying to sell or trade their guns, which can be beneficial for both you and them. The times that I would want to purchase a firearm online is when I am looking for a gun that I cannot get in my area.

Here are some online buying experiences that have not gone so well.

Tips for Buying Guns Online by Gun Carrier at

This occurred back in 2009 when looking for a semi-custom 1911. Which is not an inexpensive firearm. He could not find the model with the specs that he wanted in store and an online dealer had the exact gun. He then did a bit of research on the seller and everything looked great.

He proceeded to pay for the firearm with his credit card and faxed over his FFL information. Five business days later they finally shipped the gun. This would not necessarily be bad if it had not been for the absolutely terrible customer support he received during that time span.

No communication was possible, the online store was slow to respond, and when they did he was moved from person to person. These are the fears people would have from buying from an online dealer. You pay, a lot of money, and nothing. No answers and possibly no gun.
Tips for Buying Guns Online by Gun Carrier at

Here is an experience someone had with online purchasing of a Smith & Wesson 1911 Performance Center, he went to his local shop and they didn't have it but were able to order it for him. He did not want to wait so he went online to buy the gun.

What happened with him was that there were tons of different options for sellers on the website and he chose his seller based on the image that they had posted for the gun.

The image had the date of when the gun was manufactured (January 2015) and was incredibly happy that he was getting a gun that was hot off the press. Ten business days later after telling the online store he was going to do a chargeback, the gun was finally shipped to him.

The biggest issue was that the gun that he received was NOT the gun that was featured in the image on their website. The manufacture date was from February 2014 and the gun had scratches and blemishes on it. If you are going to be buying anything online be sure to be specific about what you want.

Ask for images for the specific gun you will be getting and for ones of different angles. You want to be able to see if there is any damage or wear to the gun. Just be sure that you know what you are getting.

Tips for Buying Guns Online by Gun Carrier at

HK Mark 23 .45 Auto Via HK-USA

Another guy at the range was wanting to buy a Heckler & Koch Mark 23. So he goes online and orders one from a website. In this case, the gun shipped immediately but once he got it the gun was all banged up.

There was tons of wear on the slide and frame and what was supposed to be a new gun came wrapped in packing paper with no box, just the firearm. He called the store and they informed him that the photos posted online were just stock photos that they use for all their weapons.

Much like in the last case, the buyer needs to be aware of what they are getting. Ask questions, ask for specific images of the gun you will get, and ask about a return policy. Common themes seem to be having to wait for the firearm to be shipped and not receiving the gun you had paid for.
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