Here’s What Your Camping Checklists Should Look Like

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January 18, 2017 / Comments Off on Here’s What Your Camping Checklists Should Look Like

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Everyone has their own camping checklists of the stuff that are obviously needed like tent, sleeping bag, cooking tools, and the list goes on.  The basic items will always be there but the more camping you do, your checklist will evolve.  You get better in your camping preparations, and you become better at making your experience even more satisfying out their in the woods.  Create a camping list that works for you and soon you'll realize that you're gradually adding on to your list.  In time you will also be removing some stuff that you don't need and develop an organized list of things to bring in camp for different outdoor situations.

Here's What Your Camping Checklists Should Look Like

Years of camping experience taught me a lot of things.  I get to learn as I come across new challenges in every outdoor activity while hanging out with some of my camping buddies, or even when I'm just going on a short hike.  Like I could still remember the time when a friend taught me how to use duct tape for immediate fixes.  Duct tape can be used to cover a hole on your tent, or when your shoe is damaged in the middle of the trail.  You gotta look into the small details in order to expand your knowledge.  This enables you to improve your own camping checklists and make things easier for you on your next outdoor trip.  But we all have to start with the basics so for starters, here's how your camping list should look like.



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You simply can't go anywhere without shelter.  I suggest investing on a waterproof tent to protect you from sudden changes in the weather.  If you're camping with family, make sure your tent can accommodate the number of people with you in camp. Get your own backpacking tent right here.

Sleeping Bag

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Check the temperature ratings on the sleeping bag especially if you're camping in the cold seasons.  Get a good comfortable night's sleep by having enough warmth to get you through the night.

Sleeping Pad

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Sleeping pads help insulate you from the cold ground.  There are a few options to choose from such as the close-cell foam pad and the inflatable pads that are very compact and less bulky. Sleep in comfort with this very amazing sleeping mattress. Get yours here.

Folding Camp Chair

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Think about sitting by the campfire after that nice dinner with your family.  Some new camp chairs are very lightweight, durable, and very easy to set up.  You can opt to sit on the ground if you want but that's not so comfortable especially on a cold weather.

Camp Lighting

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The camp needs lighting early in the night for many reasons.  You need light to help you prepare dinner and basically for you to be able to move about in the dark. Get the Hybeam 2-in-1 LED Lantern and Flashlight before you go camping. Get it here.


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Flashlights are very useful when you have to go farther from the campsite in the dark night.  It's also a great help in emergency situations so every person in camp should have his own. Get your very own Hybeam Mini Tactical Flashlight right here.


Camp Stove

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Everybody needs a good meal after setting up camp for the night's rest.  Invest on a reliable and durable camp stove where you can boil water for coffee and cook food after the long day's activities. Buy the Optimus Nova Camping Stove here. 

Match or Lighter

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You'll be needing something to start a fire for cooking or for building your campfire.  Waterproof matches are available in camping stores.  I recommend also bringing a lighter as an extra fire starting device just in case. The Everstryke Match Pro Lighter is your best friend. Get yours here.

Cooking Pot

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An aluminum pot is a good material for cooking.  Aluminum is lightweight, affordable, and it's a good conductor of heat.  Secure a pot that's big enough to cook food for the number of people with you in camp.

Camping Table

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With food prepared and your folding chairs chairs all set up, gather around and start to chow down.  This simply adds up to the convenience when camping with family. Check out this lightweight folding table.


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You can place an ice block at the bottom of the cooler for it to stay frozen longer.  From their put the other items like beer, milk, and stuff that you need to stay cold. Get your own cooler right here.

Water and Water Bottle

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Nobody can live without water.  There are durable plastic water bottles you can buy though I prefer the stainless steal ones and that's because I can also use it to boil water.


Hiking Shoes

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Choose boots that provide good support to prevent injuries.  Your comfort on the trail is also key for a great hike therefore pick a footwear that have breathable materials and a good fit.  I own two pairs of Timberland boots. Get yours here. 


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This is to protect you from the cold and rain.  Look for a jacket that's lightweight and equipped with just the basics.  I like jackets that have pockets that are able to be closed up nice and securely. I recommend the Patagonia's Nano Air Hoodie. Grab this awesome jacket right here.

Camp Hat

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Camp hats are useful to protect yourself from the heat of the sun, or when it gets nice and chilly out in the fall.  Rain Hats are also available when it's pouring.  Wear one and cover it under the hood of your jacket. The Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat is one of the best there is. Get yours here. 


First Aid Kit

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Never embark on a camping trip without even just the basic first aid kit.  Unwanted emergency situations need immediate attention.  Don't assume that everything will go smoothly in the outdoors. Get a kit like this one here. 

Insect Repellent

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Mosquitoes are very common in the outdoors.  Be prepared and have something to bug them off.  You can even make your own natural insect repellent.

Watch this video on setting up a 4 man tent.

This list should help you get through the whole camping trip with you or your family.  There are items that may have been missed, but the point is to allow your own camping checklist to evolve.  Make it a habit to monitor your gear list every time you hit the outdoors and you'll notice how you will get good at it.

When you're out camping, pack the Hybeam 2-in-1 Lantern and Flashlight. Get it here from our Amazon Store. Use NCSAVE10 to get a discount. 


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