Camping In South Carolina? Here’s Where You Should Head To

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January 13, 2017 / Comments Off on Camping In South Carolina? Here’s Where You Should Head To


National parks and forest camping in South Carolina is famous for its free campgrounds.  This U.S. State is blessed with great coastal areas and beautiful state parks that's perfect for your camping trips.  The state parks alone have more than 3,000 campsites.  Think about all the options available and the great views to watch.  Scenic coastal areas, fishing lakes, pine forest mountains fill the state with numerous choices for campers.  You can't get enough of the camping experience in South Carolina.

Best Places For Camping in South Carolina

Camping has always been a pastime that everyone in the family look forward to.  I remember how we all get energetic as kids on the day we leave for camp.  It became less anticipated as I grew up when there were other things that got my interest.  But those things eventually became less interesting too as years passed, and I found myself getting back to my love for the outdoors particularly when I had my own wife and kids.  Camping will never die as a family culture, and with all the beautiful places our country is endowed, it will live on forever.  South Carolina for instance is one of the states that are rich with magnificent campgrounds due to its natural geographical beauty.  Check out these top spots for camping in South Carolina.

Willow Tree Resort, Longs

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This wonderful resort is just minutes away from restaurants and the beach.  The place is well-organized by its ground keepers.  Myrtle Beach is only a short drive from Willow Tree where if you're looking for more fun.

Pine Acres Campground, Aiken

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Pine Acres is one of the best RV Park in the state.  The pine trees and lush green view makes it a wonderful site and home to the world's largest pond – Langley Pond.

Tiger Cove Campground, Anderson

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Tiger Cove has spacious RV sites and offers cottage rentals as well as tent camping.  Visitors can enjoy fishing, canoeing, and lots of other fun activities in the lake.  Live music is also available on Sunday evenings at the Tiger Cove Grill.

Myrtle Beach Travel Park, Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach Travel Park has so many fun activities, you really don't need to go anywhere else once camped there.  Its easy access to the beach makes it a wonderful place to stay for an RV site.  The place has a dive in movie where kids swim in the pool while watching a big screen movie.

Lakewood Camping Resort, Myrtle Beach

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This resort has been in business for 50 years which is family owned, and stretches half a mile in Myrtle Beach.  Lakewood Camping Resort previously won the planet green award for their green initiative program.

Apache Family Campground, Myrtle Beach

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The Apache pier holds the title of longest wooden pier along the East coast.  Visitors are allowed to camp right on the beach for a more exciting beach camping experience.  It's one of the wonderful campgrounds that sits on the Myrtle Beach Area. You can pack in this Hybeam 2-in-1 LED Lantern and Flashlight for camping. Get it right here. 

Devil's Fork State Park Campground, Salem

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Devil's Fork State Park's main attraction is Lake Jocassee that has 75 miles of coastline.  There are several waterfall features on the lake that are only accessible by boat.  This state park has 59 standard campsites for tents, motor homes, and RVs.

Watch this video for a tour at the Apache Pier in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

These are just some of the many fascinating campsites in the state of South Carolina.  They got all kinds of beautiful campgrounds from lakes, coastal areas, highlands, and rivers.  There's no running out of fun outdoor camping activities for the family and a haven for nature lovers.

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