Awesome Family Camping Tips For Beginners

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Anyone can go camping, but it takes more than just packing up your tents and sleeping bags to make any camping experience memorable. These camping tips for beginners are designed to make every moment of your camping trip as pleasant as the next one. So whether you're up for a trek to the woods or simply just planting a tent in your local wildlife parks, then these tips should not be ignored.

Awesome Family Camping Tips For Beginners

Make your first camping trip worry-free with these camping tips for beginners

Careful planning and adherence to these camping tips for beginners make a camping trip awesome and successful. While most of these are tedious tasks to accomplish, you'll soon realize that they're worth completing. After all, you don't want to doze out in the middle of the field without any items to protect you, right?

So, if you plan to take your family in an outdoor trip, get these helpful camping tips for beginners.

1. Plan Ahead

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Planning ahead before going outdoor for a camping trip will make you and your family’s adventure a breeze. This includes reserving campsites, paying permits accordingly, and preparing meals the night before. As you know, there are unpredictable factors that may happen, so being organized and having materials handy is very helpful.

2. Start Small

Do not attempt to make a full week camping trip if it’s your first time for a family camping trip. It’s good to just take a weekend trip to make it easy for you and your children. Remember, not all your family members may be able to cope up with the rough adventure easily.

3. Check for Available Amenities

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Decide where your family wants to camp. If they like activities, then look for camp sites with lots of hikes and water holes for various activities. If someone on your family member is not willing to go without conveniences, try to scout for campsites with running toilets.

4. Gear Up Properly

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The outdoors may not be the most comfortable place to be, so it helps to prepare for it by bringing in warm yet comfy protective clothing. Pack lightweight items that will allow you to move freely when it’s hot, and durable and waterproof clothes that will protect you when it rains. In simple terms, a good gear will make your trip a success.

5. Get Enough Storage

Use plastic storage bins as a way to keep your camping gears safe and organized. It can also be used a shoebox for all your footwear in case they get wet.

6. Make It Fun and Enjoyable

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Camping trips need not be boring. You can create and play games while sitting down on a campfire so you and your kids can enjoy the night. Another fun idea is to incorporate chores as games. For example, challenge them who can build the tent the fastest or who can pick up the most garbage at the end of the trip. 

7. Bring A Sleeping Bag

Weather, as we know it, can be very unpredictable. Nights can be so cold and can be freezing especially when you're camping on a mountain or a high place. So other than wearing the proper clothing, it is also advisable to bring a good sleeping bag to make you comfy and warm.

8. The Potable Lamp

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To make your camping trip even more convenient especially at night, strap your headlamp into a gallon jug of water. It can create an ambient light that you can use inside your tent while reading or writing about your great outdoor experience.

9. Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent

One of the most effective and natural mosquito repellents is sage. By burning a small amount or by putting it on your campfire every once in a while keeps these pesky mosquitos away.

10. Bring Firestarters

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Needless to say, the importance of fire in a camping trip. So other than using a lot of matches to start a fire, cotton balls or pads dipped in Vaseline or in wax can do the trick. Once lit, they are good fire starters that should last about 10 minutes.

11. Bring Baby and Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Baby wipes and antibacterial wipes are great if your kids don't want to take a bath, but still want to be fresh and clean for the entire night. Wipes are also good for cleaning hands and feet before entering the tent.

12. Buy Good Quality Camping Gear

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Sure cheap camping gear could do the job but if they keep breaking every time after you use them, you'll end up spending more in the long run. Choose decent quality gear and watch out for those items on sale!

13. Leave Nothing But Footprints

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There goes a saying for outdoor enthusiasts, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time”. This applies to everyone. If you want your kids to continue enjoying the same fresh environment you camped in when they grow up, dispose of your trash properly!

14. Proper Garbage Disposal

In addition to keeping the place clean, disposing of your garbage properly especially food will keep dangerous animals at bay. You wouldn't really want bears rummaging through your trash especially when it's got cubs around.

Check The Weather Forecast

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Storms and other natural phenomena may happen with as much as a few days' notice. Luckily, we have the weather section on the news to check the weather out before the trip.

Read Up On The Place You Want To Camp

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Know interesting facts about the camping area and share them to everyone. Camping can also be a learning experience! Plus, you get to know the pros and cons of the spot you've chosen and if the negative outweighs the positive, you can choose a different spot!

While camping is a good adventure for you and your family, having a good plan and getting it organized will make it more successful. It is a lot, yes, but keep these camping tips for beginners in mind and you won't have to worry anymore.

Know how to set up a campsite for your family. Watch this video.

Camping is not easy but with the right information, you can make it the best and enjoyable outdoor adventure ever.

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