Case Under Investigation: Did ANTIFA Member Fire at Police Before His Demise?

Case Under Investigation: Did ANTIFA Member Fire at Police Before His Demise?

September 25, 2020 / Comments (3)

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There are still a lot of answers needed when ANTIFA member Michael Forest Reinoehl was shot and killed. This is currently an ongoing investigation still, and here's what we know about it so far.

Did ANTIFA Member Michael Reinoehl Shoot First?

On September 3, Michael Forest Reinoehl was shot and killed by members of the Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force, headed by the U.S. Marshals Service.

He was wanted for the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was shot and killed August 29 in downtown Portland.

It has been confirmed that Reinoehl pointed a gun at members of the task force who boxed his vehicle in as he left an apartment complex in Lacey, WA at around 7 pm.

However, there is still the question of if Reinoehl fired his weapon at officers that evening.

In addition to the firearm found in his possession, detectives found a fired .380 shell casing in Reinoehl’s vehicle that is the same caliber as the gun he had at the time of his death.

No officers at the scene had or fired that caliber of the gun.

No Confirmation Yet

Lt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release in which he said that investigators are not “able to determine at this time if this shell casing is an exact match to the firearm in his possession even though it is the same caliber.”

There has also not been confirmed that the weapon Reinoehl, 48, pointed at officers was the same one used in the Portland shooting of Danielson.

The crime lab is continuing to conduct ballistics tests.

Witnesses to Reinoehl’s shooting have given conflicting accounts of if Reinoehl fired at officers that evening.

A Witness Statement

One man who lives at the apartment complex, Nate Dinguss, put out a statement saying he didn’t see Reinoehl pull a gun when officers began firing at him.

He said the officers didn’t appear to issue any commands or orders to Reinoehl.

Reinoehl was heading to his car while eating candy and holding a cellphone, Dinguss said.

The Gun Found

At least four officers, including two Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies, a Lakewood police officer and a state Department of Corrections officer, fired multiple rounds at Reinoehl both inside and outside of the car.

He died at the scene from gunshot wounds to his head and upper torso.

During the later search of Reinoehl’s car, detectives also found an AR15-style .22 caliber rifle with its serial number removed in the front seat, Brady’s announcement said Thursday.

The rifle also has been sent to the crime lab.

Investigators said in court documents that it appeared Reinoehl targeted Danielson, 39, in Portland.

Danielson was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat and walking near a caravan of Trump supporters.

A parking garage’s surveillance video captured Reinoehl that night, as he spotted Danielson and fellow Patriot Prayer supporter Chandler Pappas, according to detectives’ probable cause statement used to obtain the arrest warrant.

Reinoehl then allegedly ducked into the garage and let the two men pass before he followed them across a street, shot Danielson and ran, the affidavit states.

Just before the shooting, a livestream blogger’s video showed Danielson advance several steps toward Reinoehl, raising a canister of bear spray.

In response, Reinoehl fired two gunshots, one that hit Danielson’s bear spray can, and the other that hit him in the chest, according to police affidavits.

His Admissions

Reinoehl was interviewed by VICE News shortly before he was killed, and seemed to admit to shooting Danielson, but claimed the act was “totally justified” and done to protect a friend who was walking with him.

Reinoehl identified himself as “100% ANTIFA” and said he worked security on behalf of Black Lives Matter protesters, including during a July incident when he was shot in the arm. He frequently attended protests in Portland.

Prior to Danielson’s shooting in August, Reinoehl had several other recent run-ins with police.

He faced multiple criminal charges, including an illegal gun possession charge, after a June 8 reckless driving incident when he allegedly was racing his teenage son’s car in Baker County.

He also was cited with illegally possessing a gun and resisting arrest during Portland protests July 5.

Do you think ANTIFA member Michael Reinoehl was wrongfully shot? We'd love to hear your opinion in the comments section!

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Case Under Investigation: Did ANTIFA Member Fire at Police Before His Demise?

  1. Daearl kelly says:

    Doesn’t matter if a person os a wanted criminal or not as soon as you take a firing stance at a officer that officers has the right to protect himself and others
    No questions should be asked if he fired at them or not

  2. The Police says:

    When you point any weapon at the police, you will be fired upon.

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