DIY Portable Solar Generator

February 14, 2020 Why Buy an Expensive Generator When You Can Build Your Own? There are all kinds of products and gadgets out there marketed to preppers and survivalists. It can get overwhelming at times....

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Don’t Get Left in the Dark! Check Out This DIY Emergency Lantern [VIDEO]

February 13, 2020 Don’t get left in the dark! This video tutorial will teach you how to make a DIY emergency lantern out of just a flashlight and a water bottle. How to Make Your Own Emergency Lantern...

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Why You Need To Try Solar Power

October 14, 2019 Consider solar power as an alternative power source and even a main power source. Read on for the irresistible reasons why you need to, now! RELATED: 9 DIY Solar Power Projects For Survival...

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October 14, 2019 / Comments (30)

DIY Solar-Powered Cellphone Charger

October 8, 2019 Know how to make a DIY solar-powered cell phone charger here, so you’ll still have communication in emergency situations. RELATED: Off-Grid Solar Survival: Top 5 Things To Consider...

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9 DIY Solar Power Projects For Survival And Self-Sufficiency

August 14, 2019 Work on these solar power projects and take your first step toward complete sustainable energy self-sufficiency. RELATED: DIY Solar-Powered Cellphone Charger Solar Power Projects: Your...

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How to Make Your Own Ethanol (Gas)

August 2, 2019 Although DIY’n is a common practice in this era, it still may be surprising to some that creating your own ethanol source using just a few basic ingredients can be done very easily and by...

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How To Revive Car Batteries: Don’t Throw Dead Batteries Just Yet

August 2, 2019 Revive car batteries using these dead car battery tricks and guide so you can get yourself a skill you can use for life! RELATED: Welding with Car Batteries Two Steps to Revive Car...

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How to Cool Down When Your AC Dies

July 10, 2019 It’s almost inevitable that at some point in your life, you will experience a small stint of summer without air conditioning because of malfunction or wear-and-tear. Those days when...

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Alternative Energy: Get 1500 Watts Of AC From Solar

June 21, 2019 Interested in alternative energy sources? Our resident energy expert Robert Brenner will explain how you can get 1500 watts of AC power from solar renewable energy. RELATED: Solar Power |...

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A New Take On Alternative Energy: The Tesla Powerwall

June 13, 2019 Alternative energy is the solution for preppers who want to be self-sufficient. RELATED: Solar Power: Energy Alternative Alternative Energy Option: The Tesla Powerwall Alternative Energy...

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