How To Determine The Best Safe For Your Guns

April 3, 2020 Having a gun at home means being more cautious about where you keep it. The kids shouldn’t easily find it, but it should be a place you can easily reach out for when an intruder...

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300 Blackout vs .308 Cartridges: Which Should You Go For?

April 2, 2020 The 300 Blackout round is making a comeback from relative obscurity in recent years. As ammo costs continue to rise amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering what types of...

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Handguns For Women: How To Pick A Piece

March 30, 2020 Handguns aren’t just toys for boys; they’re vital self-defense tools that men and women alike can both benefit from. However, far too few women look into handguns as a viable...

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How To Pick the Perfect Small Handgun for Self Defense

March 22, 2020 Lots of firearm enthusiasts will recommend hand cannons like a Desert Eagle for self-defense, even though that’s a bit overkill for most situations. But many of our readers may have...

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Guns On A Budget | Buying Info

September 3, 2019 We do know that value is subjective when it comes to buying guns on a budget, but this buying info might just help you out! RELATED: 3 Places To Buy Guns Online, And A Few Tips To Help In...

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3 Places To Buy Guns Online, And A Few Tips To Help

August 7, 2019 While your options may seem limited, we have ways. Find out where to buy guns online, how-to, and more buying tips here! RELATED: What To Look For When Buying New Guns For First Time Users...

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What To Look For When Buying New Guns For First Time Users

July 25, 2019 There’s a lot to consider when buying new guns, as “first time” and “firearm” is a bad enough mix for expert advice to be deemed necessary. See the tips below...

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One Woman’s Guide To Girl Guns

July 24, 2019 Both when I was a new shooter, and in chatting with my friends who are new to shooting, I’ve noticed a trend in guns that are commonly recommended to women. Much like common advice on how...

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Air Gun Sale (Exclusive): Why Everyone Should Own An Air Rifle

July 1, 2019 Get a sweet deal on a new air rifle here and learn why every preparedness-minded person should own an air gun! RELATED: A Hunter’s Guide To Shooting An Air Rifle In this article:...

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Best Low-Cost Pistol Options For Your Budget

April 17, 2019 Looking for a low-cost pistol that will fit your budget? Set your eyes on these reliable handguns that’s easy on your wallet! RELATED: Top 11 Handguns In 9mm For Less Than $750 In...

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