5 Best Firearms Of The Decade

October 12, 2020 Are you planning to purchase a firearm soon because of everything that’s going on? Here’s a list of the best firearms of the decade to make sure every penny you spend is worth...

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The 5 Best Guns To Buy For First Time Buyers

October 9, 2020 As a first-time buyer, it’s normal to think twice about what handgun you will buy. It’s a big decision. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best guns to buy for...

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10 Best Home Defense Guns For Protection

October 7, 2020 Home defense is always critical, but it may be even more so these days since riots are becoming more common across American cities. Let’s break down the best home defense guns in case you...

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TX22: Not Your Grandpa’s Pistol

October 2, 2020 Does the Taurus Tx22 live up to the hype? Is it as good as the company claims? Let’s learn more about this pistol below The Taurus TX22: Impressive or Forgettable Taurus is arguably...

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5 Best Concealed Carry Guns For Women

September 22, 2020 Are you someone who wants to buy a gun for your own protection? Or perhaps, you’re helping a friend, sister, or wife buy one. We’ve rounded up some of the best in this article....

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The Coolest Gun Facts And Features You Should Know

September 8, 2020 Modern guns and rifles are amazing pieces of equipment, but even diehard firearm hobbyists or hunters may not know about some of these interesting gun facts and features. 5 Awesome Gun...

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5 Best Guns For Concealed Carry

September 2, 2020 What’s the best gun for concealed carry? Today, we’ll break down the five best guns for concealed carry and self-defense. Get Only the Best Gun for Concealed Carry Concealed...

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3 Best Guns For Turkey Hunting

August 31, 2020 Turkey hunting is a classic sport that’s been practiced by Americans for generations. However, turkey hunting requires using slightly different guns compared to regular game hunting....

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5 Vintage Guns Every Gun Collector Should Consider

June 29, 2020 Have you always been fascinated with guns and have grown to love them? If you’re a collector, make sure you have these vintage guns in your collection! Vintage Guns You Should Own, No...

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Semi-Automatic vs Automatic Firearms | What’s the Difference?

May 18, 2020 In a discussion between semi automatic vs automatic firearms, there are always opposing opinions on what they really are. Let’s discuss what makes them different below. A Breakdown of...

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