5 Essential Gunfighting Techniques

August 24, 2020 No one wants to be in a gunfight, but any responsible gun owner should be prepared for the possibility and know how to use their weapon to its greatest extent. Today, we’ll break down...

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Presidential Hopeful Joe Biden’s Gun Control Plan

August 13, 2020 Joe Biden is going toe-to-toe with Donald Trump for the most powerful seat in the country. If he wins, how will that affect gun owners and your right to own a gun? If you’re wondering...

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Gun Sales Spike Amid Rioting And Coronavirus Pandemic

June 9, 2020 Following a trend that began in February 2020, the U.S. has been experiencing a gun sales spike. As the country faces a global pandemic, massive unemployment, and now rioting and civil...

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Know Your Rights And The Different Gun Laws By County During State of Emergency

June 5, 2020 The topic of gun rights is a hot discussion right now, especially after rioters and looters showed what they can do. What about you? Do you know your gun rights? It’s important to...

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Armed Citizen Guards Form Against Looters Across America

June 4, 2020 With police forces targeted by rioters and overwhelmed by 911 calls in response to fires and looting, legally armed citizen guards are taking matters into their own hands. Read more about...

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Peaceful Protests Turn Violent: States of Emergency and Curfews Imposed Across the Country

June 3, 2020 The Memorial Day murder of George Floyd while in police custody has sparked outrage across the country, among people of all races. But as peaceful protesters gather begging for justice and...

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Americans Forced to Protect their Businesses from Looters

June 2, 2020 As riots and looting plagued the country on Saturday, May 30, 2020, Americans watched the news in shock and dismay. They saw violent outbursts, police retaliation with tear gas and rubber...

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Necessity of 2nd Amendment Proven Amid Rioting, Looting

June 2, 2020 Saturday, May 30, 2020 brought racial tensions to a head as rioters and looters hijacked protests around the country. After the Memorial Day murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police...

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Why Is The 2nd Amendment Important?

May 13, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has brought about concerns about gun rights. However, not all Americans may understand how important standing up for the 2nd amendment is. Today, we’ll dive...

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Virginia Signs Sweeping Gun Control Legislation Into Law

April 29, 2020 Have you heard about the Virginia gun control laws? Today, let’s take a deep dive into what these laws state. After all, ignorance is not an excuse! Virginia Gun Control Laws | What...

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