Choosing The Right Survival Gun for the Job

February 12, 2020 Ask any “gun guy,” and he’ll not only have an opinion, he’ll have the opinion. Ask any “pistol-packing mama,” and she’ll not only offer an answer, she’ll offer the answer....

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February 12, 2020 / Comments (10)

5 Venomous Snakes Look-Alikes: Know Your Snakes

June 28, 2019 Learn to tell venomous snakes look-alikes from the real deadly ones with this guide before you go and conquer the wild or your backyard. RELATED: Snake Bite Survival Venomous Snakes...

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June 28, 2019 / Comments (45)

How to Deal With Stray Dogs

April 29, 2019 My friend Damian over at reThinksurvival recently posted this article that he found about dog attacks.  Like him, this was something that I hadn’t considered until last month, when...

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Artificial Intelligence Takeover | How Likely It Is And How To Prepare

February 19, 2019 Learn the possible artificial intelligence threats and how you can best prepare for them. RELATED: Survival Tech: Accessing Crucial Information When The Grid Goes Down Artificial...

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POWER OUTAGE: What Happens When Power Goes Out?

September 12, 2018 You’re enjoying a relaxing evening watching television when suddenly all the lights go out. The TV shuts off and the room goes quiet. The sound of silence is foreboding. You just lost...

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How To Defend Your Home And Your Family From Drone Attacks

July 9, 2018 How important is drone defense? In today’s ever-accelerating technological world, it’s no surprise that drones and drone defense have been evolving to every imaginable end....

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10 Martial Law Survival Tactics You Need To Know Now

May 31, 2018 Martial law is a terrifying thing to experience. Imagine waking up to find the world in chaos. Looting and riots spread like wildfire, while law enforcement guns down civilians in the...

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5 Surprising Self Defense Tips To Crush Attackers

May 1, 2018 Nobody is completely attack-proof, but you sure as hell can try to be by learning some self-defense tips. You may not be a concealed carrier or karate kid, but that doesn’t mean you...

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Extreme Survival: Staying Alive In A Post Apocalyptic Environment

November 27, 2017 We live in a much different time than the generations before us. It’s all around us…the constant reminder that our world as we know it could change. When I say change, I’m...

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In The Line Of Fire | How To Protect Yourself From Mass Shootings?

November 13, 2017 Do you know that the U.S. has an average rate of 20 mass shootings a year? While this number is high, one incident alone is reason enough to take initiative and find out what to do, should...

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