300 Blackout vs .308 Cartridges: Which Should You Go For?

April 2, 2020 The 300 Blackout round is making a comeback from relative obscurity in recent years. As ammo costs continue to rise amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering what types of...

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The Top 5 Most Customizable Guns

January 31, 2020 The market produces so many customizable guns to give firearm enthusiasts more to think about. Some changes not only enhance a gun’s functionality but also gives it a badass look...

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AR-15 Barrel Install | Tips & Tricks

June 20, 2019 If you are more of the DIY type, check out this AR-15 barrel install for a fun project in your extra time! RELATED: DIY Threading Barrels For Muzzle Brakes And Suppressors AR-15 Barrel...

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Mastering The Glock Trigger

June 14, 2019 Understand the Glock trigger better and notice how much you progress using your Glock pistol! RELATED: How To Disassemble A Glock: Step By Step Field Stripping In this article: Glock...

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Gun Modifications | AR-15 Dos And Don’ts

March 1, 2019 Looking for AR-15 gun modifications? Check out this guide and learn how to properly accessorize your assault rifle. RELATED: Best AR15 Hacks To Unlock Your Gun’s True Potential Gun...

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5 Pistol Modifications You Need To Avoid | Gun Carrier

February 12, 2019 Some pistol modifications have downsides that far outweigh the ergonomic gain. Read on and find out which aftermarket modifications you need to avoid. RELATED: Gun Mods: How To Customize...

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Tips For Gun Sights | Co-Witnessing Your Sights

January 2, 2019 Co-witness your iron sights to simplify aiming and zeroing of your firearm. Read on and improve your aim in the field! In this article: Working with Your Gun Sight Types What Is...

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Speed Loading Tips | How To Use .223/5.56 Stripper Clips

June 28, 2018 Believe it or not, these speed loading tips using stripper clips can guarantee you more shooting time in range. Sounds interesting? A lot of people will say stripper clips are pointless, a...

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Gunsmithing | How to Build an AR-15 Upper Receiver

November 24, 2017 If you love a challenge or have never done your own gun build this is an awesome project. And depending on your location, where you buy and what you buy this can be a much cheaper option...

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Custom Hunting Rifles Part 1 – Magpul Hunter 700 Remington SPS AAC Precision Rifle

January 18, 2017 A .308 caliber, 20-inch barrel rifle upgraded with a lightweight synthetic stock. Plus, there's multiple accessory options so using this custom rifle is a blast! ...

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