The Best In Home Defense | Mossberg 500 Tactical

July 26, 2019 The Mossberg 500 Tactical is one of the best home defense shotgun you can get in the market today. Read on and know more about this high-quality firearm. RELATED: Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag |...

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Home Defense Shotgun | Realities And Myths

April 2, 2019 If a home defense shotgun is your preference for protection, consider this as a knowledge check to make a better decision. RELATED: A Pump Shotgun For Home Defense; Is It The Right Choice...

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Shotgun Ammo For Home Defense | Buckshot VS Birdshot

March 12, 2019 With the shotgun being one of the best firearms to defend your home with, it becomes inevitable to discuss which shotgun ammo is better for the job. RELATED: Home Defense Shotgun |...

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Defensive Gun Use: Home Defense Shotgun, Edition

September 18, 2018 In case you’ve been held in an unfortunate situation and you’re home alone, make sure you have something prepared to save your life from intruders. Keeping a home defense...

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Georgia Woman Goes Mama Bear On Intruder, Saves Kids

November 28, 2016 Georgia mother goes mama bear on intruder, saves kids   We hearken back to early January 2013 for this edition of Defensive Gun Use, to honor a Georgia mom who tried to avoid a home...

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What I'd Do If I Heard The Bump In The Night

September 30, 2016 The Bump in the Night Many people get into or use their guns for home defense, maybe even you. But just having the gun isn’t a magic talisman that will keep the bad guys out of your...

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Choosing Your EDC Light

September 26, 2016 It’s no surprise, most crime happens after dark. As a responsible gun carrier, you have a legal and moral responsibility to correctly identify any target. At night, that may require a...

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Homemade Shotgun Ammunition: Flat Washers

July 1, 2016 One of the most devastating weapons of all time is the shotgun. Something that many shooters don’t know, is that you can actually make your own shotgun ammo, buy utilizing bird and...

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Home Defense Shotgun vs. Home Defense Handgun

December 9, 2015 Statistics have shown that there are approximately 8,000 home invasions per day throughout North America. Sadly, 38% of all assault cases and 60% of sexual assaults occur during these...

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Gun Review: Crye Precision Six12 Modular Bullpup AK 47

April 29, 2015 Anyone in law enforcement knows Crye Precision well thanks to the company’s ever-popular tactical line, but given the lines we saw at Shot Show last year when we first covered the...

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