A SHTF Plan For Your Pets | Bugging Out With Man’s Best Friend

March 3, 2020 A third of Americans own at least one pet. This is a testament to how popular domesticated animals are in this country. Pets play an important role in the home–they relieve stress,...

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Emergency Preparedness | Is 72 Hours Enough?

February 19, 2020 For the average citizen, an emergency preparedness kit is a ready-to-use, portable package containing supplies, food and water rations, as well as other vital supplies and equipment for...

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Earthquake Survival Tips: Think You’re Safe? Think Again

October 4, 2019 Know what to do in an earthquake survival before, during, and after this natural disaster hits. Increase your chances of survival when the Earth trembles. RELATED: Be Prepared! 14...

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Twin California Quakes Leave Residents Bracing for More

July 11, 2019 On July 4, the southern California town of Ridgecrest (about 150 miles North-east of Los Angeles) was struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. Occurring about 11 miles Northeast of the town in...

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Tornado Survival Tips: How To Survive Natural Disasters

July 5, 2019 Take these tornado survival tips and learn how to prepare beforehand, survive during, and recover after a destructive tornado. RELATED: 17 Proven Ways To Storm-Proof Your Home In this...

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How to Survive a Nuclear War

July 3, 2019 In 1963, the British Home Office published a public information pamphlet titled Advising the Household on Protection against Nuclear Attack. During that time, the idea of a nuclear war was...

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How to Survive a Hurricane

July 2, 2019 Hurricanes come fast and can devastate a community with strong winds, torrential rains and flooding. If you reside in a hurricane-prone area, it’s important to know how to survive!...

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How to Survive a Tornado

July 1, 2019 On May 28, 2019, the people of Eastern Kansas and North Eastern Missouri got a first hand lesson on how to survive a 2-hour, one-mile wide tornado. Thanks to the early weather reports and...

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How to Deal with Property Damage After a Storm

June 28, 2019 This spring has been a higher than average storm season with over 500 tornados in the last few weeks alone, and flooding throughout the South, East, and several states in the Midwest....

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Flood Survival Tips | How To Survive Before, During, And After A Flood

March 22, 2019 With preparedness and these flood survival tips, you can both survive and recover. Here’s how! RELATED: Why Disaster Preparedness is Important: Take Action Now In this article: Before...

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