Go Bag Guns | Getting Your Firearms In Order When SHTF

January 20, 2020 When prepping a go bag for SHTF, make sure you lock and load the best and fitting guns for the job! RELATED: Top 5 Guns For When The Man Comes Video In this article: Including Weapons and...

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Sparkie: A BLASTMATCH for the budget prepper

December 27, 2019 With fall here and winter just around the corner for much of the country, I wanted to take a look at some alternative fire tools.  I initially wanted to get a BLASTMATCH simply because it...

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Gerber Shard: A broken piece of a better tool?

December 25, 2019 I bought the Gerber shard as an attempt at a gift. Unfortunately I couldn’t help but open it and try it out. At first look, the shard appears to be a good solid piece of metal with a nice...

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My EDC Pocket Knife

December 9, 2019 I received this knife as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago.  At first I was a little hesitant to replace my old CaseXX pocketknife that my father passed down to me, but after only a...

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15 Pieces of Hunting Gear Every Hunter Should Own

October 17, 2019 Whether you’ve been hunting all of your life or just starting out, there are several essentials that can make your hunting experience more enjoyable. Safety, of course is the most...

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Which Survival Knife Should I Buy?

October 16, 2019 Being a successful survivalist means focusing on building your skills and having the right gear, especially a good survival knife. So which survival blade should you buy? We’re glad you...

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Best Freeze-Dried Foods for Your Stockpile

September 6, 2019 Having a stockpile of food will keep you thriving during an emergency or disaster. In most cases, canned and dry foods will last a couple years at most. Although this might suffice for some...

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9 Good Reasons To Carry A “Survival Stick”

September 2, 2019 Arm yourself with a survival stick, get savvy with it, but first, find out why as you read on! RELATED: Deadly Parasols | Umbrella As A Self-Defense Weapon In this article: Survival Hiking...

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5 Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches

August 27, 2019 Try these amazing ways to start a fire without matches or a lighter and secure food, water, warmth,  and safety if you find yourself in a survival setup. RELATED: Essential Wilderness...

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15 Important Survival Kit Items You Need To Prepare

August 20, 2019 Identify the most important survival kit items and consider needs vs wants when building an emergency kit. RELATED: The Ultimate Bug Out Bag List For Every Survivalist Essential Survival...

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